Karen Doonan: High Council of Orion Message for 22nd Dec 2012

Greetings dear ones we are the High Council of Orion and we come to guide and support as many of you now move into a higher level of consciousness. All that IS will BE and we are here to support YOU as YOU now move into the new timelines and dimensions that are now available to SELF in this the new earth vibration on planet earth.

Many are unable to move out of the denser lower energetic frequencies and many are struggling with this, dear ones we again guide clearly that change comes from within and is not something that can be “given” to another. Many are now falling or see-sawing in vibration tending to the fears and the anxieties of those around them. We guide in TRUTH dear ones that this helps no one least of all SELF for the see-sawing of the energy signature is what is causing the distortion in YOUr vision. How can you dream YOUr dream into creation if you are not sure what the dream you are dreaming is?

We fully accept and understand that our words may be challenging for many at this time and we guide for YOU to process all of our guidance through the heart for the heart KNOWS TRUTH. As you look about YOU out onto the world dear ones realise that not all is as it appears to BE. Once more we guide on the role of the human logical brain and its ability to interpret information in a distorted way.

Let us give an example to further clarify our guidance around how the logical human brain can assume and then invent scenarios that are not TRUTH. We are aware of the puzzles that you have on planet earth that are termed “optical illusions”, these are where a picture appears to be something that it is not. The ability of the logical human brain to be able to be fooled by these illusions is vast and we guide that many are not understanding and accepting that what is shown to them by their logical human brain is in fact illusionary.

Those who sought to contain and suppress the human race knew this would work to lower vibrations and have played to this quirk of the human logical brain for aeons. This is why dear ones we guide for you to be in the heart, for to read the energy signature of all that is presented to SELF will see you FEEL TRUTH. Then it matters not what the logical human brain interprets as TRUTH for the heart will have chosen. Do you understand our analogy?

Much is now unfolding across and within planet earth and many are still not understanding and accepting the multi dimensional aspect of their existence here on what appears to be a solid planet that exists in multi dimensional timelines all at once, there is only NOW yet this concept is one that will have the logical human brain in knots trying to work out how all can exist now when all is linear according to the logical human brain.

We understand how challenging this concept is to understand but we are not guiding dear ones for you to move into the logical human brain to work this out, that would further deepen the conundrum for SELF, we are asking that you process this concept through the heart and allow the heart to then filter it from the unconscious SOUL level through to the sub conscious and then conscious waking mind. There is no other method of allowing this as the human logical brain was never created to understand the concept of multi dimensionality at the outset.

We are here to support ALL at this time and we guide that YOU create the existence that you are experiencing, many are unable to let go of logic so they will begin to experience chaos and more chaos as the energies of the new earth do not support logic as a foundation. ALL in the new earth is supported by the LOVE that IS and this is processed with the heart. HEART centred living is not just allowing all to pass by and be in a state of bliss dear ones, that would be the logical brains interpretation of a concept it cannot understand. To live from the heart is to understand that the LOVE that IS is the creation of the human life experience, to create from the heart creates the experience of living on this planet in TRUTH.

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