Montague’s Message for Sunday, 2nd December 2012

Veronica my dear, you can see it all around you now: people waking up. They are refusing to accept what they had blindly accepted in the past. The Stand for Justice in so many countries is gaining strength. There is a determination to support their fellow human beings who have been so badly treated while the world turned a blind eye. No more will this situation be allowed to carry on. The bully boys now find themselves isolated and alone. They are having great difficulty coming to terms with the new situation.

This month of December will uncover so much. We are making steady progress, my dear. Much happens behind the scenes that you are unaware of, as yet. There is a lot of unrest in the United States: questions are being asked and explanations are being demanded.

The corrupt stand no chance of holding on to what they acquired by corrupt means. It is a time for everyone to know who he is; his true history; and what the future holds for him. You, my dear, and your team, are struggling to bring forth real evidence of your true history. This throws a completely different light on everything you have been taught. You are endeavouring also to change the energy, so that light alone exists, and all ties with the corrupt are removed from your planet.

It is time to welcome your friends from other planets. They are waiting in the skies to assist you in your Transition. Become aware: look at your night sky. They create a protective shield around you. They have been instrumental in preventing the wars that were planned to keep you in slavery and fear. Only the very blind and fearful support the corrupt: those that fear that they may lose their worldly goods.

Embrace the changes that are fast approaching. Let the love of humanity and your beautiful planet be your guiding light as your new world opens up to you. Know that we, in Spirit, are with you every step of the way forward. Be discerning about what you accept as truth. The corrupt have many disciples who pretend to guide you when, in fact, there is no truth in what they are preaching or “channeling”. Misinformation is big business. Do not fall for it. Let your heart and your higher self be your guides as you start this exciting journey to your future.

All the governments will dissolve. They will lose the power and control and the people will come together and take charge. Everything will change for the better. Every human being will have everything he or she needs to experience life on Earth. Every child will grow up in a safe society. Those who abuse children are the lowest form of life, and there will be no room for them in your New World. They should be exposed, judged by the people whose lives they have ruined. This is all part of the clean up process.

When your true history is revealed, it will expose the religions – which have forced their control on you – as the corrupt institutions that they undoubtedly are. Their crimes against humanity are the worst in the history of your planet. They rule by FEAR, creating fictitious places and situations to instill FEAR of death; when, in fact, death is a returning home, once more, from your journey on Earth. Celebration awaits you as your family and friends come forth to greet you. What is there to fear in that infinite love? It is the only truth, everything else is illusion.