To awaken is like having an enormous load lifted from your shoulders
12/05/2012 by John Smallman
As the end of your earth year draws closer, excitement continues to mount. What is due to happen is unprecedented in your entire human history, and has been planned and prepared for, for eons. It is an event of enormous significance that will raise your levels of consciousness to such high levels that what you now call consciousness, even that of the most consciously aware of you, will seem to have been an incredibly deep form of sleep, punctuated by occasional scarcely remembered dreams or nightmares. To be fully awake in the eternal Light of God’s infinite Love is a wonder beyond description, and you are soon to experience that state permanently.

As the countdown to that moment proceeds apace, hold the desire and intent to bring humanity — your divine brothers and sisters — forward into that natural, awakened state which is your heritage and your eternal destiny. Your collective intent is an essential part of the process. You are setting the rate at which you travel the homeward path, and have been doing so since the journey started. Initially the pace was slow, unenthusiastic, and irregular, but over the last two or three centuries it has increased at a steady and relentless rate, and within the last two or three decades enormous acceleration has taken place bringing you to this moment of intense excitement as the end of your arduous journey comes into view.

To arrive at your divinely intended destination at precisely the moment that was planned when you made the decision to have an experience of separation from your Source is in itself quite wondrous. Your Father’s Love for you, and His complete and utter understanding of you as one, and as individual aspects of that one, is truly astounding — but that is the Nature of God. He has prepared for you a welcome that is to envelop you in His loving embrace and that will uplift you into an experience of ecstasy that is possible only within Him.

The illusion is to dissolve, leaving you totally naked, transparent, translucent, and transformed because you will have returned to your natural, divine state, at one with God, where nothing is hidden and where nothing ever needs to be hidden, because trust is absolute in this state of infinite and unconditional Love.

The thought of such transparency may well alarm you now, but that is only because you have become so accustomed to the seemingly overwhelming necessity for secrecy and obscurement that the illusion has encouraged and maintained. When you act individually, as separate disconnected beings, the world seems hostile and threatening because you do not know what another is thinking or what his motives may be, and because the suffering and betrayals you have experienced in that unfriendly environment have convinced you that those beliefs are essential survival skills that you must constantly reevaluate and perfect.