Sheldan Nidle update for 12-04-12

10 Akbal, 11 Yaxk’in, 9 Eb
Dratzo! We return! At present, your reality is approaching the immutable date in late December of your Gregorian calendar. This is the time when your reality is to be rid of any alternate timelines, which until now have been used by your dark cabal to manipulate your reality. This riddance creates the means for the Light to transform your world. This transformation will be preceded by the introduction of new governance and a new financial system for your planet. This flurry of activity leads to a formal disclosure announcement of our benevolent presence and the opportunity for us to broadcast vital information to you regarding the upcoming mass landings and your return to full consciousness. This stream of revelations will include broadcasts from the Agarthans concerning the nature of Gaia as a living Being and of your true history going back to the settling of Lemuria some 900,000 years ago. This knowledge will help put into context why you are being returned to your natural state of full consciousness and will prepare you for your coming reunion with the Agarthans of Inner Earth.

All that is happening around and above you is setting the stage for our formal arrival on your shores. This global mass-landing watershed event marks the beginning of your preparation for migrating to the crystal cities of Inner Earth, where your ascension to full consciousness will be completed. Full consciousness allows you to live in divine right relationship with your home world and to travel to the other water-worlds of your solar system to set up global societies within them. Prior to your incarnation here, your life contract included the option for you to take up residence on one of these water-worlds, or to remain on Gaia and create an Earth-based galactic society with the Agarthans. These new planetary societies will conjoin to forge a new star-nation and our role is simply to be the mediators and mentors of this great venture. You will learn that our joint history has many such instances where this happened before. With the wisdom contained in the Book of Understandings you can bring your enormous creativity to bear on setting up your own unique star-nation.

Once you have taken up Federation membership, as did the Agarthans long ago, you will be in a position to begin carrying out the directives conferred on you by Heaven. These directives enable you to formally cement the agreements expressed in the Treaty of Anchara. The former ‘children of Anchara’ are to receive Light Bodies and with them, ascend to full consciousness. This will create the energies for transforming this entire galaxy into Light! This goal lies behind the series of divine actions that are, even now, affecting this whole region of physicality. The dark is on general retreat as we enter a new great galactic year for this aspect of physicality and we rejoice as we watch the way the Light is able to transform such a wide swath of this sector of physicality. One of the wonders you are shortly to explore is the untold diversity of life in each of the thousands of galaxies that dot this part of physicality. Indeed, one of our greatest joys is conferring with each other as we watch the magical unfoldment of everything touched by the Light.