Marilyn Raffaele – The Arcturian Group – 2 December 2012

DECEMBER 1, 2012

Dear ones, again we come to greet you in this powerful time of change and new birth–the Christ (Light) is being born each day in the stable of individual consciousness when it becomes humble enough to let go of ego (the sense of a self separate from Source).

It is a time on earth in which many are now questioning the status quo. Awakening souls empowered with truth are asking serious questions of those pretending to have all the answers. Many of those (not all) elected into both religious and governmental positions of power, work only for themselves and their friends and not for the people who elected them. This has happened because much of the world has been out of touch with their intuition, their inner guidance system. Living wholly on a third dimensional mental level, they believe whatever is told them by those seeking votes.

It is a new time, a new energy, and new awareness is manifesting in each moment. You are graduating and are now beginning to realize that you are in charge, you vote your leaders in or out of office which most recently came to light, when you did not elect the candidate representing old and finished energy, but instead followed your intuition to re-elect the one who best represents an energy of oneness. This came as a great shock to those who believed that they were in control of the outcome as has happened in the past, but the Light of your awakening dear ones, prevailed for in the presence of Light, there can be no shadow.

Begin to honestly question your own personal motives when choosing leaders-spiritual or governmental. Are you choosing those who will keep the status quo because you are comfortable there or are you electing those who simply reflect your own personal concepts and beliefs which may be very biased and old? Do you realize the good of the whole in your voting choices? As enlightened individuals you will vote what is best for the world–for nature and all life forms, not just what a select and comfortable group believes is best for their bottom line while spouting that it is for the universal good. Begin to trust and honor your inner guidance on these issues for you are now ready to step into a higher sense of self, one empowered with truth and Light.