The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes: Fourth and Fifth Density, Gaia’s Grid of Light and Humanities Life-Path Review

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

You are recalibrating yourselves as you reach pure states of consciousness, perception and awareness that serve to initiate you further into your higher dimensional experience. We are working with each one of you to help you better assimilate the energies you are absorbing unto yourselves and benefitting from at this time, and you are and have been undergoing a literal transformation from one state of perception to another.

The changes in perception many of you are beginning to find can be considered quite extraordinary, as you are peeking into realms beyond your conscious perception and finding a supreme upliftment and enlightenment from each peek you allow yourselves.

Your month December is brimming with energy and all that you will find within yourselves will initiate you further into an elevated state of consciousness, which you will find resulting from the work you have all put into your ascension processes.

Whilst many of you have struggled along your Life paths, we and you alike can feel that matters on your world and in your personal Lives are leading to an ultimate revolution of mind and heart. We are able to watch you absorb and assimilate continually-purer energies unto yourselves as you find them in yourselves, and what we find when looking upon your Earth experience is that many of you are finding the higher realms all around you and yet, some don’t seem to realize it.

Understand and know that all that you experience at this time is paving the road for the higher realms to come forth and be known more fully within yourselves, and understand that you are the driving force bringing your higher dimensional reality to you and as such, it is important to allow yourselves the necessary clarity and understanding in your Lives.

You are constructed of the very higher dimensional energy making its way to you now and you have the full ability to access it, so you must take the necessary “leap of faith” and allow yourselves to believe and know that what you experience in your every days Lives is not the same old physicality over and over again but is in fact, a continual sign of the road you are paving with each effort, toward the higher realms.

You are finding your higher dimensional experience and we quite enjoy watching you find these realms in your own ways by undergoing unique and individual lessons along your Life paths, and we should express that when existing within the higher realms once again, all worries and tribulations fade away and you experience only pure joy and bliss.