Heavenletter #4412 The Lingering Light of the Sun, December 23, 2012
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
Do you want to be happy? Then be happy.

Does this sound like poor advice? Beloveds, it is very good advice, for you can be happy regardless of the reason why you may think you can’t be.

By and large, happiness is your choice. If you can choose unhappiness, you can choose happiness. I do understand that unhappiness seems to be something thrust upon you, yet it is a hot potato that you choose. If unhappiness seems to approach you, you don’t have to accept it. Consider it a package in the mail sent to you by mistake. You have happiness available to you. Accept it. Through thick and thin, accept happiness. Why not? Why not find the happiness that is yours?

You may well not have full say over your circumstances, yet you do have full say over your awareness. You may have convinced yourself that something is terrible. If something is terrible, you tell yourself, what can you do but be unhappy? This is programming, beloveds. You have convinced yourself of sequence in life. You have convinced yourself that, because of this or that, it is not possible to be happy. Yes, you give mighty reasons and forget all the reasons under God’s sun to be happy.

In this moment, beloveds, you can be happy.

Let Me hear no more from you about the world being hard or awful. I have even heard it said that the world is hopeless. No, beloveds, the world is beautiful, and the world offers you bounty, and you are available to make the world richer because you are in it.

The world welcomes you. Be a good guest. You are visiting in My house. You are My guest in a Paradise on Earth that I have made for you.

So the bed isn’t as comfortable as you would like it to be? Perhaps the other guests are noisy. Perhaps you couldn’t sleep well last night. Perhaps you have a sore back. Perhaps you are too cold or too hot. Perhaps you have an upset tummy. Perhaps you have heard that doom is foretold. Perhaps your heart has been broken. Perhaps your eyesight is failing. Consider a new perhaps and another and another.

Perhaps you are blessed. Perhaps you are loved. Perhaps you love. Perhaps you are an abundance of love and good fortune. Perhaps you can make hay while the sun shines. Perhaps you can put a pillow under someone else’s head. Perhaps you can sing a song, take a walk around the block, dance a dance, pick a flower or plant one, eat a cookie or bake some, or you can smile, and you can laugh. Perhaps you have an idea. Perhaps you can climb a tree, a mountain, a ladder. There are perhaps so many things that the world offers you. What keeps you back from happiness is not the world you are surrounded with. Love this world, and take happiness from it.

Hopeless? Never. Never, never, never. No matter what, you can get your spirits up and make good sense of relishing happiness. It is available to you. There is no shortage of happiness. You may not have been looking, or you have been looking in the wrong places. There is something simple here that I am saying. You may be overlooking what I am saying. Perhaps you are attached to being a tragedian. Perhaps you find sorrow somehow more gratifying or worthwhile than happiness. Perhaps you are so used to the shade that you prefer it to the sunshine.

Come with Me. Come with Me now, and We’ll ease you out of shadow into the lingering light of the sun.

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