Heavenletter #4413 Change That Tune, December 24, 2012
Gloria Wendroff, Godwriter™

God said:
Even as time does not exist, now is time for you to cease being disappointed in yourself. You know exactly what I mean. You are hard to please. There is no end to the fault you find in yourself. Often you ask yourself: “Why did I do that? Why did I say that? Why didn’t I this and why didn’t I that?” Your list is endless. It may begin with: “Why is my nose shaped this way?” to “Where has the love in my heart gone?”

Or you may project your plaints with yourself upon others: “What is the matter with those people? Look what so and so said.” You may not like the sound of someone’s voice, and you hold it against him or her.

Like yourself more. Be content more with yourself, and you will perceive life, and your life, quite differently.

What you really complain about, what your axe is to grind, stems from your attitude toward yourself.

You have picked on yourself enough. You have picked on the world enough. Desist piling on your plaints on yourself and on others. It has been so easy for you to find fault. You can pick at anything.

You do know the cure, beloveds. Count your blessings. Make a different kind of assessment.

You may like to think that you are being noble to acknowledge what you would like to change about yourself. Stop acknowledging, and change then.

You are not a terrible person. You are a good person only you cast dispersions too much, on yourself and all around you. Turn in all your complaints. Like your looks. Like, for like breeds like. Fault-finders breed fault. Love yourself. Love the Universe. Love even those you like to think you don’t like. The truth is that you are fond of them. They may drive you up the wall. The truth is that you drive yourself up the wall of yourself you have fabricated.

Build yourself up instead of pulling yourself down. Become a friend to yourself. Be your own best booster. And when you have a complaint about another (yourself,) you don’t have to voice it.

When you want to criticize your child, substitute what you like about your child. Reinforce your child. Beloveds, this is the only way to make your way in the world. Become a rose who bursts forth and forget the thorns, the sharp thorns of your own thoughts. Choose the round edges of life. Choose the blessings to see and the blessings to grow. What you want yourself to be more of is something to like in yourself. How wonderful that you aspire to be greater. Yes, that is good. And now be it.

If you want to be less critical, then be less critical. If you want to be more open-hearted, then be more open-hearted. If you want to know a great love, then be love. Love is opposed to criticism. Love says to another: “You are wonderful right now. This is what I like about you.” Love says the same to yourself. Love lifts you up. It certainly doesn’t pull you down.

Beloveds, what if you were I? What if you were God? Would you then sit around bemoaning the past? If you were I, would you yell error?

If you were I, how you would love. Your attention would be so turned to love that you wouldn’t even have the notion to think of anything less. Love thyself. And if you are an imperfect human being, still love yourself. You have come far. You are a stellar being. Now, enlighten yourself to your own worth, and you enlighten the world.

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