Heavenletter #4417 Even in Desolation, You Reveal Your Significance in This Universe , December 28, 2012
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
When I accept you and accept you as My own, My own beautiful blossoming Own, you are Mine, and what is Mine is not to be shaken by what transpires in the world. You are not to be dejected by it nor rejected by it.

By everything you know, something occurred that is not right, not kind, not uplifting. It is not right, and it is not necessary for someone to demean you. Nor is it necessary for you to become unhappy because of someone else’s view. When you were a child, you reacted as a child. When you were a child, there may have been someone who didn’t want to play with you, and you were crushed. How could it be that someone didn’t want to play with you?

Here’s what’s beautiful: Even in your sense of desolation, you knew that it was not right for you to be turned away. Even in your reaction, you revealed your awareness of your significance in this Universe.

Secure in My love, let not the little slings and arrows of the world pierce you. Let that kind of thing bounce off you.

Someone else’s peeve is theirs. It is not meant to become yours. You must not let it become yours.

You know by now that I welcome all into the world. I more than welcome. I bring you here. I do not bring you here to be dismissed. Nor do I bring you here to have your heart worn down. Do not make another’s lack of awareness and littleness become yours. Come from a higher place, beloveds. Any dishevelment is not for you to take to heart. It’s okay if someone doesn’t want to play with you. You have other things to do. You have other things to think about. Do not give a thought to what is, after all, only someone else’s thoughts.

Hurt feelings do not belong to you. You are not here to be sensitive about whatever is directed to you. If you are in the path of someone’s disparagement, move out of the way. This is how you move up. Certainly, you are not to let someone mow you down.

Would that everyone would regard you as you deserve to be regarded. Best of all is for you to regard yourself as you deserve to be regarded. Hold yourself in My light. I shine My light upon you. Look at Me. Look at My light. Don’t see yourself as less because of someone else’s lack of sight.

What bothers someone else isn’t you. You are not the cause. They may think it’s you who bothers them, yet you don’t have to think so. Do not measure yourself by someone else’s eyesight. All the more reason for you to see from a vaster view. You do not have to be unhappy because someone else is short-sighted. Apparently, you have thought it was.

Now is time for you to leave hurts behind you. Let them lie where they lie. Do not wear a V for victim on your cape.

Someone else’s opinion is no more than someone else’s opinion. It certainly is not the mark of you. It certainly seems to you like what they may say to you is a mark against them, yet you are not to take it that way either. You have better things to do with your heart and mind.

Do you understand Me? Ignorance is ignorance. Rise above ignorance. Because another is ignorant is no reason for you to embrace ignorance. In the big things you may know better. It seems to be the little things that you get caught up in. Let the little pricks and arrows fall from your heart. Take only Greatness into your heart.

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