Heavenletter #4419 Quiet Voices, December 30, 2012
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
I would like to speak to you this morning about you, the wondrousness of you. No matter how much I say on this subject, it is hard for you to let it in. You, who will buy any trinket sold on the street, have a hard time buying the gold I set before you.

You are the gold. It is you your Self that I would like to sell you on. I would like to sell you on what already is. You will believe anything a hawker at a State Fair is telling and selling you, and, yet, it is hard for you to buy what God in Heaven is trying to give you. Is this not so? I hand out pamphlets entitled: “YOU ARE WONDERFUL!” and you turn away or pretend not to notice. You will not accept from Me what is meant for you and is yours to accept. I am a dealer in Truth.

Perhaps I would do well to go to a State Fair and put on an apron and cook up some food and charge you for it. Perhaps I should set up tables and use a loud voice in My demonstrations.

I have sent you quiet voices, as it happens. These quiet voices have been heard for thousands of years, and, yet, you do not quite hear them as they proclaim in My service that you are a Most Wonderful Created Being.

At best, you respond embarrassedly, “Aw, shucks.”

The Truth you will not believe. Fantasy you will believe hook, line, and sinker. It is pure fantasy that you are less than what I say. You think it is fantasy when I say you are a Special Being Created by God. You may not even hear what I am saying to even disbelieve it. You may be thinking that you are a dime a dozen when you are unique, vast, and worthy. You are Something, beloveds. You have your mundane side, and, yet, you are far greater than mundane. Mundane is not to be scoffed at either.

I tell you quite frankly that you are a Miracle. You are My Miracle. You are My Blessed Angel delivered to Earth, yet, angel nevertheless. No, not a Fallen Angel, an angel who has forgotten his or her Angeldom. I ask you to remember. I ask you to open your eyes and begin to see the marvel I made when I made you. Stubborn as you are, will you open yourself to your Self? Will you take a peek at what I have made? Will you admit the possibility that you are here on Earth to do Great Deeds, to be a Great Being, a Great Angel housed as a human being? You are a star from Heaven. Your travels on Earth are to be celebrated because once an angel, always an angel. Once a soul, always a soul. Once a created Being by God, always a Created Being by God.

What have you been thinking? Have you thought you are a waif on Earth, perhaps a wastrel, perhaps a convict? Perhaps you have convicted yourself to a life sentence on Earth without the possibility of parole from the sentence you convinced yourself of. You, who at the very least are a troubadour of love, have looked at yourself askew, and you have seen My Greatest Creation as a nomad in no man’s land.

Harken unto Me. Open your ears and your heart to the Solved Mystery of Life, that you are a Wonderful Beautiful Blessed Being sent from God to be a Great Light on Earth to brighten Earth and all the forgetful angels on Earth of their true value, and so that you, yourself, know what God made when He made you.

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