Bella Capozzi ~ Pleiadian Archangelic Realm : “Angels, Angels, Everywhere” 14 December 2012

❄ With the opening of the 12-12-12 portal comes great shift and revelation. We know that you have heard much about the changes you might expect, and the effects to be had upon both your Human physicality and your outer environment. You are seasoned Lightworkers, the vast majority of you who regularly read these types of messages.

We see your numbers are growing by leaps and bounds, as more and more people link up with expanding collective. We observe this as a light growing brighter, a storm gaining strength, a swirling, foggy bank of energy moving ever inward from the shore. It is a quiet progress. A simple one that goes so subtly undetected that tenderest souls ought feel no fear, no trepidation. They shan’t recoil in confusion and horror, for there is naught presented to them to recoil from. These are the early days. This is the way it needs to be — a gentle, sweet progression. We wholly trust that this one particular transmission shall find it’s way into the hands of the ones such as these, for it is to them that we speak. Fear not, Dear Ones. We are quite real. Angels are real indeed, and we are everywhere. You are precious and by us, you are dearly loved.

❄ How simplistic all this may sound to you, oh Seasoned Ones. But do not forget that you have regained your awareness early, so that you may be in service to these others. You are challenged to explain things plainly and clearly and devoid of too much esoteric terminology, which could leave them utterly confused and mistakenly thinking that they are not ready to embrace their Ascension. For nothing could be further from the truth! Would you teach calculus to a kindergartner? We mean absolutely no disrespect in making this comparison, please understand. What we are trying to say is that as teachers you must tailor your curriculum to the needs of your students, and most of your students are right now functioning at the most elementary of levels. Judge them not. Exhibit patience and understanding. Allow them to progress at their own individual pace, and present things in an upbeat and unintimidating manner. Harken back to the time, not so long ago, when you yourself were just beginning to learn the fundamentals.

❄ Therefore, to the young students we say that glorious times are now upon you, whether you are consciously aware of it or not. It is easier than you think, to become aware. None of thisknowledge is available to only a chosen few. You all are chosen, and by The Creator, the Holy Mother and Father themselves. It is they who sent you Angels to instruct and protect you. We are all around you, both seen and unseen, heard and unheard. We take many forms, we have followed many different paths. We perform a variety of tasks, and communicate with you in such subtle ways that you truly cannot tell that we are doing so at all! The primary roles we fill are as messengers, celestial communicators and guardians. We are no different than you are, loved no better, no more knowledgeable or accomplished. Observe the sparkling snow as it falls softly from the sky, and see us in this pristine blanketing of white. Like snowflakes, not a one — you nor we — are perfectly identical. The Lord did not use a cookie-cutter to create you. Drop down to the ground and form an Angel in the snow. Imbue it with life. Share with it your unique essence, and as it melts imagine your energy soaking into the soil and nourishing our parched and thirsting Gaia. The children know this, they do this. Learn by their example.

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