You are Finding a Galactic Experience of Enlightenment
DEC 28
Posted by Wes Annac

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

This message, as well as one from the Pleiadian Council of Nine that will be forthcoming, were channeled before the 12-21 alignment and having been so busy and then wishing to take a rest, I have not been in a position to post them until now. Much is discussed in this message, but it is not entirely current to the “after 12-21” period we are in now. Even still, I thought it to be helpful.

[The Pleiadian High Council speak first.]

We are watching you dear souls undergo your temporary Earth experiences from our Mothership, and from this ship we hold many meetings amongst ourselves and with the rest of the Galactic Federation as well as numerous other Lighted Organizations assisting in the ascension of your world.

Each and every Lighted Federation and Organization who is assisting in the ascension of your world are working together to help see-out such ascension and while we are all doing what we can to help your planetary collective evolve and find the unity and harmony you have always been meant to find, we can only intervene so much and would not want to be seen as interfering with your freewill experience in any way.

This has been one strong reason we have not yet made contacts with your world [in this day and age] and while many may see the perceived lack of physical contact in your current society as “proof” that we somehow do not exist, we ask you took toward the undistorted records of your history and see the personal contacts we have made, as they have been documented throughout the various ancient societies we have contacted in your Earth’s history.

So much of your history has been distorted but with the power of your internet, you are now able to find the truth but even with the internet we remind you to exercise discernment, as there is much disinformation floating around that is meant to paint us or the Angelic souls assisting in your ascension in a bad Light.

For example, we are fifth dimensional entities who exist in pure vibrations of constant joy and harmony and as such, there can be no gruesome or negative vibrations manifested or felt around us for any reason.

Our Crews do not experience any violence, negativity or destruction as those are all lower energies which are yours to deal with and transmute. You cabals cannot reach or even touch our energies [nor can any negative interests] and are in fact, attempting to evade our presence whenever possible so that they do not feel our Lighted energies which will encompass their aura and display their darkness to them.