Hi Guys!

No message as such this week, as i am asked to pass on the message that many of us need a break for the week. The only message from Aurora and Adrial for this week is: “rest, meditate, heal, and link to spirituality in your life. This would not imply online presence, but rather interpersonal connections in your every day life and pursuing your spiritual journey.”

Those of us who still need to go on board Aurora are welcome as usual, but it is discouraged for us to do so for the entire week.

If you do go up, you will probably end up on your home planet for the week, and will be brought back in time through a worm hole every night of the week for wake up deadline on Earth. This is known to be exhausting when one has a human body here, so i am told it is a “NO, NO” for us at this point.

Those who still wish to do so, will have to take it personally with your commanding officer during the dreamflight itself. Those who will chose to travel home are asked not to be discussing your journeys online, in public. In any case, follow your gut feelings on all matters this week.

Aurora will in fact return home in the Pleiadies for the week, for changing some of the crew members and offer those who are going to stay on board for another month, a deserved pause for a week.

The change in crew will be felt by us. The energies of the new crew boarding during the week will be a lot more “to the point”, more direct, and perhaps even much stronger. This is the crew who will be with us for the entire month of December, and they will be with us for the opening of the Galactic portal of 21st Dec.2012.

The energies of the new crew will definitively feel much different to all of us. This is something that we all need to be aware of. Some are much higher beings, but some would find it difficult to relate to our present lives. Others are much more action type of beings, more like marine forces and intervention forces.

The events will speed up considerably in the coming weeks, so we all need to relax and take it easy before full action begins.

The new crew coming on board might take some adjusting to, on on both sides I am told… I believe this will be part of the program for next week for us: training to work together.



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