“A look ahead; A month by month description of the energy this year”
Jan 7
Taryn Crimi

The transition time of a new year is a great time for both reflection as well as setting new intentions for the year to come. After all everything in your life is a reflection of the choices you have made; if you would like a different result then you must make new choices. Every year we are asked to give our perspective on the energy which will manifest in the New Year ahead. As many of you know each number holds its own unique energy and therefore each month has its own energy signature which will be the foundation of the experiences gained in that month. It is now 2013 and this too has its own energy signature which will play a role in how the energy is felt. We will go through each month, describing what the overall energy signature will be. Know that this is simply a description of the energy, what you do with it is always entirely up to you.

We would like to begin with the energy of the overall year, 2013. We will call this year the year of truth. You are amidst the largest transition this earth has ever experienced. This will be a year of many ground breaking events. We mean this in both the individual sense as well as for the collective. Much that has remained hidden and allowed to exist within your world will be brought to the collective’s attention. There will be a strong demand for the truth, this will manifest as a strong impulse to find your own truth on both an individual level as well as for the collective as a whole. The number 13 brings with it the energy of purging and cleansing that which no longer serves you; and therefore much will surface this year to allow for another large leap in consciousness. You are transitioning from a world whose primary focus was based in the energy of service to self, to a world that works as a collective for the good of all. This energy will be felt in all months this year however we will now give our perspective of the energy of each month.

Let us begin with the number 1 shall we?