A Cornucopeia of Ascension and Other Related Experiences
by Steve Beckow

Folks, I received so many accounts of Ascension experiences, interesting experiences that aren’t claimed to be of Ascension, etc., that I determined to post them all at once. I’ve refrained from identifying people more than by their first name or initials. In some cases, I’ve posted only excerpts, deleting the personal messages to me.

To those who ask have I ascended? I’m afraid I don’t know. That isn’t a question I’m qualified to answer, I’m afraid. But I do thank everyone who sent in their accounts, which I must leave to speak for themselves.

(1) Not to be mistaken for Linda Dillon’s use of the “descension” to mean the descent of Heaven to Earth.
(2) I’ve had this experience of sharper, more lustrous colors as well.