The illusion is over and the new reality is achieved — Archangel Gabrielle through Isabel Henn January 5, 2013

My beloved, it is my pleasure to speak to you today. I am so happy about what you have achieved so fantastic. I’ll clap my hands for applause. I am very happy with the result, because this Ascension of Gaia and her population has been and is still a labor of love for me. From the beginning, I assisted and supported this plan of my beloved incarnation since so many eons, like all others too in our ranks. Since she and I are One, it was always a little bit my plan too. Yet we have only achieved a partial result — the rise of your such a beautiful planet with a portion of its inhabitants — the ultimate fulfillment is still pending and will only be completed when the last man has also ascended. So there is still some work to do.

My dear ones, even if many of you still doubt it, but the Ascension of Gaia and your own Ascension into the 5th Dimension and beyond, has been reached. You are now immortal, and you have all eternity to build your new society. We’ll be happy to help, but you must not leave the hands in your laps and think that the roasted doves are flying on their own to you now. No, no. You must do it by your own hands. Please stay in your love and your light and continue where you have stopped with Ascension. Continue to spread your glorious love and your beautiful light onto your world.

There is still so much to do. Your stellan families are still not able to land yet, it would cause too much turmoil and anxiety, but be assured by me when the time is right, it will happen. The other reliefs, of whom we have spoken so often will come too. All at the divine right time. I ask you to let go really ALL expectations. Simply know that it will happen. If everyone has their own expectations about it, you bring just unrest in the whole process and you are only self preventing the unfolding of a wonderfully thought out and sophisticated plan. You know that your common consciousness creates your world and with your individual expectations, brought together as a whole, unfortunately, you only bring out chaos. So continue to work with your dreams and ideas. Just please, without any idea of ​​a point in time. Then everything comes naturally to the NOW.

Gradually, the people who can not hold the high vibrations of the new 5D-Earth will leave this earth and find their existence on a parallel 3D-Earth. Do not worry about them. There, they will feel more comfortable and it will be taken care of them there. They too are children of Prime Creator, and they are loved beyond words. Their souls are not yet developed to the point that they could feel comfortable outside of duality. They still need some or many other incarnations, until they eventually find their way back to Prime Creator and can walk it.

My beloved, the illusion is over and the new reality is achieved. The only true reality. Only your mind that wants to protect you from change tells you that nothing has changed. This is incorrect. Use my words like a mantra, an affirmation and take note of them: “The illusion is over and the reality has arrived.” It was always there, but to you it is apparently new. So simply accept and be attentive, then you will can see all the changes. They are so diverse, your whole life will change through them. Some of you may have already noticed that your world, your earth, is different, lighter and brighter in color. Some of you now can see for the first time the aura of other people or objects. This process occurs for every person different and not at the same speed, so do not compare please. You are all unique. Each one of you. So every adjustment process is unique and beautiful to look at.

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