Loving you more is something that may be impossible. — channeled by Ron Head


Our deepest love and appreciation for each and all of those who continue upon their paths is what we desire to begin this message with. Please be assured that no moment passes in which this is not foremost in our hearts.

The physical changes to your cellular makeup, in response to the continuing barrage of cosmic light, continue at a rapid pace, and the corresponding increase in your personal light is obvious to all those observing your world. Changes are increasing in your economic systems. Other changes are increasing, as well. But because the reports you have available do not come from the five major information conglomerates which spoon feed the world with lies and half-truths it is easy for many to deny all of this.

There will, of course, come a time when these things can no longer be denied. Because so many of you continue in your conviction and efforts toward personal change, this will occur sooner rather than later. But, as some of your governments have learned to their chagrin, imposing massive change from the outside never, ever works. Easing the path for the change to surface from within, however, will work. And it is to your everlasting credit that you have chosen to maintain your efforts until that can happen for as many of your brothers and sisters as possible.

Some of them will grumble. Some will accuse. Some will turn their back upon you. But you have not allowed that to deter you in the past and we know it will not stop you now. You have always found the strength to continue and ways to proceed. We have always given whatever aid and inspiration possible. These things will never change. There are lessons being learned on both sides of this question.

We understand that this is not what you most desire to hear at this point. You wish us to tell you that at such an appointed hour, on such an appointed day, your world will be transformed completely. Were there to be such an occurrence, dear hearts, it would be necessary for either separate worlds to exist, or your new world would begin to deteriorate due to the fact that billions of your co-creators would still be creating according to their state of consciousness, just as they are now. Yes, they would continue to evolve in their understanding, just as they are now. Yes, the outcome would eventuate in a completely ascended planet, just as it will now.

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