The Ascended Masters: Your Growth and Learning will be Everlasting
Posted by Wes Annac
-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Imagine and feel that you are Creating the grandest of change that can be Created in your increasingly-evolving third dimensional reality. Imagine and know that this change is being Created by each of you in your own unique ways, and imagine that what you are doing now is to greatly impact the Lives of every dear soul on Earth.

We have wished for you dear souls to know that what you are doing is setting the stage for the events that will bring about planetary abundance among so many other things, and we focus on this element specifically because we wish to make known that you are contributing to the Lighted energies helping to bring about abundance on your world.

Humanity as a whole is recalibrating and readjusting to a continually-pure state of consciousness and the increased inner-cognitive senses many of you will begin to find, will be among the many things showing you that you are working toward something real. Indeed, the validations that are simply too real to disbelieve will make their way to you and if you make the efforts to attune to such things as much as possible, you will increase your ability to perceive them in a quicker and realer manner.

Everything happening at present entails a continual readjusting to increasingly-pure states of consciousness as you begin the quite rapid travel through the realms of the fourth dimension.

For those of you who may be wondering; you have indeed began your ventures within the fourth dimension as a collective and while much of your collective is indeed still anchored in dimensions lower than and matched with the third, the actions of the Lightworker collective in holding the Light and anchoring the pure vibrations of Source unto your world is having a massive influence on the collective energies and is allowing Gaia’s planetary collective to begin your surface travels through the realms of the fourth dimension.

Many of you have been learning fourth dimensional lessons for some time, and those of you who have already been able to Master the lessons of compassion, understanding and the need to avoid self-martyrdom will handle the coming weeks and months quite gracefully as you will find yourselves breezing through repeated lessons that are only being repeated within you because the entire collective is (and will be) experiencing such fourth dimensional lessons.

Your resolve and ability to remain centered will indeed be tested, and we mean this for all of you. Every last bit of you will be and have already been undergoing the necessary testing that truly displays to you if you are ready to embrace ascension and your continually-unfolding reality if the external circumstances do not always seem pertinent to do so.

You are indeed being given the choice of how much faith and involvement you place in your ascension from here on out and many of you are passing these tests with much ease, while others are finding considerably-more difficulty.

It was anticipated that the Lightworker energy could take a dive after the 21st period because of the nature of change expected and the nature of inner-change delivered but not felt by all, and we wish you all to know that the brazen manifestations many of you have looked toward are completely within your sphere of ability to pull into your personal vibrations and manifest.

The collective, mass energies are required to move something along in a much more grand manner, but you can all begin to radiate your personal vibrations toward the disclosure of your Galactic brethren’s existence and presence on your world as well as a plethora of other things, such as abundance being delivered to your entire world and the wealth being restored to its proper owners; each and every citizen of your Earth.

There is so much good to look forward to and you all have the ability to attract such good to yourselves, which is why we ask you to do so as a collective. Collectively mediate on the initiating of disclosure, the giving of abundance to your world and your collective finding ascension.