Blossom Goodchild and Federation of Light 01-13-13

Hello my friends.

We welcome you into this conversation with much Love. We have been monitoring energies upon different sections of your planet and we have concluded that there appear to be extreme differences throughout. Naturally we take into account the war zone factors and those places that reside in Peace. Yet this is not of the energy we speak.
We support ALL life and we consider that which is of both High energy and that which is of a lower level to BE that which we desire to continue to uplift.
We appreciate too that many of you have fallen by the way side … as perhaps one would say?

Yes … I have had many letters from people who FEEL that nothing took place … No Ascension … and they FEEL all hope/knowing is lost! It certainly is a VERY SUBTLE DIFFERENCE WITHIN and I can perfectly understand how many cannot FEEL anything at all.

Yet … the difference is there. Allow for a moment … your thoughts to settle into a KNOWING. Take a few deep breaths and KNOW that the path you and all upon your planet ….. along WITH your planet … are on is an ever increasing journey upward. To a ‘place’ where things that you are aware of that no longer serve you NOW in the place where you are … shall NOT rise up alongside you … they cannot.

I very rarely listen to the news, yet this morning it so happened to be within hearing distance. Not very tuneful to the ears or the soul and certainly one would … if they chose … question if anything happened at all. For little seems to have changed and the same miserable media mentality resides … feeding us all with more and more doom and gloom. Trying to put things in perspective … it seems a long long way away when we will be in a place where all this misery has left Mother Earth and we laugh and play in a world of plenty.

What we ask you to do is to hold on steadfastly to your KNOWING. You thought we were to give you the word ‘faith’ did you not Blossom? Yet you are now moving on into a place within yourself that does not require ‘faith’. It requires … as we spoke of in our last communication … KNOWING.