A Path to Understanding — 26 January 2013, by the Council of Nine, through Tazjima.

We are the Council of Nine. We come here today to bring comfort to those Lightbearers who are still struggling with a need to understand their new world, the one into which they emerged on the morning of December 21, 2012.

The key to understanding your place in the world is to go within. This has been the nexus of understanding the process of ascension since the world began. The process has not changed; you have changed. Humanity is undergoing a transitional period in which it moves as a collective from separation to unity. For the many, this movement will take some time. As always, it is for the standard bearers of the light and love of unity consciousness to lead the way, acting as examples for the rest.

The great inbreathe of Brahma has begun; humanity and the entire Universe has begun the path of Return. This period covers vast periods of time as you understand it; there is no cause for anxiety or thinking that you are not prepared to face the Creator in your present state, whether you are currently feeling discouraged and disheartened or whether you are feeling expanded and enlightened, at the moment.

First, there must be a letting go of those things, memories, emotions and feelings that you are not worthy. There has lingered in even the most ardent of spiritual followers a feeling of unworthiness. Ever were they following the advice or teachings of another, a person, a guru, a teacher, in whom they placed all of their trust and sometimes their very livelihood. And often times that trust was and has been betrayed in some way. The lesson here is that the teacher lives within. It is up to each one of you to discover that teacher and to connect wholly with the Christ within.

“Ascension is a process.” This short phrase has emerged as a mantra of late, when the mostly unwarranted expectations of the great Shift failed to come to past for many. Truth is that many lightworkers have temporarily lost their momentum. If willing — it is always a matter of free will in cases such as this — it is time for the individual lightworker to determine, individually, where they stand. This is a process that will require some inner searching and discarding of all that does not “resonate” with one’s being now.

Many people, including lightworkers, do not relish the idea of cleaning out closets, whether physical ones or emotional ones. Yet it is a task that must be done if one is to discover what, exactly, is holding you back, individually and as a collective.

There has been much talk of a golden age for humanity and for the planet. We must remind you that golden ages occur simultaneously with the decaying process of the previous dark cycle or Kali Yuga, as it is called by the Hindus. There can exist an overlapping period of some hundreds of years in your present system of reckoning. Your ancestors understood these vast cycles, as well as those cycles that impact nation states, companies, tribes, families and individuals. The purpose of this reminder, if it is such, is to assist you in understanding that some individuals will be experiencing the beginning of a golden age, while others will be entangled in the dying remnants of the Kali Yuga, due entirely to self-determination as to what is real to them, existing soul contracts and the exercise of free-will. Do not judge from outer appearances. Those who presently live a life of great poverty, may actually be happier than those of you who live in so-called developed nations.

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