Awareness in the Current Vibration by Master Kuthumi
Channelled through Natalie Glasson-

It is with tremendous love that my energies flow forward to greet and connect deeply with your energies. We are all existing in a new
vibration of energy, a new phase of ascension; whether you are on the Earth or the inner planes a shift has occurred within you and
around you. A shift in vibration, consciousness and the radiance of your light has manifested because of your choosing within your being,
in order to truly experience the next phase of ascension which is prominent within your own being it is appropriate to choose to radiate
the results of the shift consciously into your reality. It is now time to choose to experience the shifts that have occurred within your being.
A beautiful and most magnificent energy is and has unfolded from within you as a result of your devotion, dedications to your spiritual
practices and because of the choices you are making at this moment. You have all accepted higher vibrations of light and
consciousness which feeds your delighted body, consciousness and soul with nourishment, whether you feel the change within your
being or not, it is appropriate to make time to choose to experience the blissful light that is and has manifested within your being. Let it
unfold as you radiate your light beyond boundaries and limitations, choosing to experience the wealth that has manifested over this
sacred time that we have all experienced. In truth this new phase of ascension with greater expansion, sensitivity, abundant volumes of
love and wisdom and a greater sense of contentment within will only truly beginning to intertwine and become evident within your reality
when you whole heartedly choose to experience it in your physical reality and throughout the many levels of your being. You will then
notice your reality altering in beautiful ways, but this will be because you have chosen to let your energies flow freely which creates the
most beautiful energetic patterns within your reality, resulting in you completely embodying and experiencing this new age and in truth all
that you have been waiting for. With your choice you will manifest spaces, people and circumstances to assist you in experiencing the
wealth of love and light vibration within your being. A space in which you can consciously unfold as a being of light and the Creator’s

In order for the new vibration to unfold from within your being it is appropriate to choose to develop your trust and faith in the guidance
and intuition within your being. No longer is there a need for you to think with your mind, to think over matters or situations to gain further
understanding, the time is now to allow your heart and soul to guide you, to in truth think for you. As a being who has recently opened
yourself up fully to accept the powerful activation energies of December 2012, you have also expanded yourself to connect more fully
with your truth, meaning a greater aspect of your soul. Your soul in all its beauty has taken a step forward to guide you in your reality as
you allow yourself to become conscious of your soul’s eternal presence. You are connected to a greater expanse of your soul and
therefore a greater expanse of all that is the Creator. You have the ability to be consciously guided permanently by your soul and the
Creator as they express sacred truths, energies and vibrations from your being which interlink into the large plan that is unfolding for all
on the Earth devised from the soul of the Creator. As a soul of the Creator you are playing a large part in this divine plan and so your
every action contributes to the divine plan of every soul on the Earth. It is with this understanding that the realisation of the importance of
following the guidance of your heart and intuition is integral at this time. No longer can you think and create with essentially the mind, no
longer can you influence your reality with unsupported desires and actions, there is a need for everything to flow from within your being,
from your heart. In truth it is a breath of pure freedom that is being given to you in this moment. No longer do you need to push and force
your reality, to battle against the world but instead you allow yourself to flow with and as the divine flow of the Creator and your truthful
being, thus surrendering that with pure intentions everything can and will manifest for you with tremendous ease as a beautiful story of
connection, love and truth unfolds before you. In truth what I am speaking with you about is resistance.