The Ascended Masters: Your Power as a Collective is Absolutely Enormous
JAN 31 -Channeled through Wes Annac-

Humanity is and will continue to be reflecting the pure vibrations being pumped into dear Gaia’s Light grid, and you can all help to express these energies and bring them through yourselves as you continue your journey of realizing your power and Godhood.

Your Creations are coming to you in a much more rapid manner at present and if you can allow all that is happening in your personal Lives and on the world stage of be viewed through a lense of knowing the change that is about to come forth, you will see that everything happening is indeed falling into place in accordance with the plans the Light Forces have drawn up for the personal and collective ascension of your world and every one of you.

We ask you to have faith in your natural abilities as Creators-in-training, and to realize that your bodies are naturally meant to be receptors for any energy you wish to bring through yourselves.

If you dear souls wish to employ the old energy or the energies of separation and hatred, the vibrations expressed through you will be fed into the Earths collective consciousness in such a manner; wherein the employment of positivity will serve to help upgrade dearest Gaia’s Light grid and see you all well on the track to further bringing the Light energies to your world in the bold and brazen ways we know and can feel you all wish to.

So very much is being reworked at present which is why we ask you to allow yourselves to rest if you feel you need to, because you cannot always continue on with your daily routines if your bodies need the rest that is sometimes required as a result of the increasingly-pure ascension energies you are being given.

Whilst your bodies have been used to the vibrations and densities of the third dimension, you are now assimilating and taking on Light energies that are of a much stronger purity. These energies are much more powerful than those your bodies have existed in and expressed for so very long, which is why the integration process may be a bit more difficult at times.

This is as well, why many of you have felt (disillusioned) and as if you do not have the great and grand access to your inner-reserves of Light that you do. You have always been able to access these Light energies and now that many of you are beginning to be able to, you are finding the joy the higher realms have always had to offer as you find yourselves able to access and feel aspects of the higher dimensions that you may have feint memories of.

You will all begin to discover things about yourselves and about your inner-realities that you could only slightly remember at present, and you will see things about the land around you as well and about dearest Gaia that would only be at present, a feint impression of a memory.

Many of you have taken plentiful Lives on the surface of dearest Gaia, even when She expressed Herself in her purest fifth dimensional form and this can account for some of the slight memories many are beginning to unlock and regain access to, of feeling parts of Gaia surface that were in a much better and purer condition than they are in now.

Yes indeed, the actions of Man on Gaia’s surface have served to bring Her down exponentially but as Gaia’s soul now exists in the fifth dimension and will be working with Her collective from such realms, Her surface is and will be beginning to reflect this happening as your collective increasingly realizes the need to end the way your world is being run, in favor of sustaining your dear planet for generations and generations to come.

The importance of rebuilding Gaia is shortly to be introduced in a manner that will see everyone on your world understand it, and you can all begin to put forth the needed concepts of rebuilding your world and minimizing the pollution manifested on Her planetary body every single day, because dear Gaia simply cannot resonate any longer with the lower energies manifested by way of pollution fed on Her surface.