Manifestation and Creation by the Goddess Consciousness
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 14-01-13-

Goddess vibrations are being expressed in abundance and magnitude onto the Earth at this time as a process of deep nourishment and
nurturing for all. We, the Goddess consciousness come forward with immense support for all as humanity and the Earth move through a
unique integration and creation process in order to manifest the truth of the Creator.

Imagine yourself as a baby being supported in the sacred womb of the goddess vibration. When you were in the womb of your mother
you experienced a period of creation where energy vibration, light and wise consciousness needed for your incarnation merged with
your being. Your mother also provided you with energies and consciousness which you absorbed deep into the energy vibration and
body that was being created. The period not only allowed for a powerful integration of all that you wish to become and experience in your
life time, such as Creator qualities, but you also mastered with assistance the powerful tool of manifestation. As a baby in the womb of
your mother you learnt to manifest yourself, essence and soul physically in order to form the body that would become the vehicle for your
life and your consciousness sack which would act as divine inspiration until further connection with the Creator could be obtained. Your
consciousness sack is akin to a capsule of specially collected and formed wisdom that will assist you in remembering the truth of the
Creator. Gradually within the womb your consciousness sack, which is the consciousness you require, merges with your entire being to
form a manifestation of understanding. Within the womb as a baby you are constantly manifesting and experiencing supported by your
guides, your mother’s guides and your soul. It is a time when you can dissolve the separation between the energetic dimensions of the
Creator’s universe and the physical vibration that you are being born into. It is a time to play like a movie screen in the mind or soul goals
of visions of what you wish to experience in your physical reality. An experiment ground of setting intentions, thus allowing creation to
form in many ways. In many ways it is the most powerful form and experience of creation that you experience on the Earth and prepares
you with the ability to use the creation energy of the Creator in order to form and create all that you need to support further and continued
learning on the Earth.