Heavenletter #4422 The Misperception of Justice , January 2, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
The idea of justice or injustice is counting on the past to affect the present. To your mind, the past and the present are to correlate. However, your experience is that, for no known reason, something uncalled for occurs.

From as far as you can see, the world is not fair. From what you can see, there is hardly justice. Why does one gain and another lose? Disparity seems to be a piece of life in the world.

It has been said that you write your own script, that you wrote it long ago and signed it. It is easy to sign ahead of time for something to happen later. The future is always long off.

Here is what I want to tell you. Fair and just — that’s a theory. Save your breath and stop looking for what is fair or just or even-steven, whatever you may call this elusive equation. If what you are seeking is a victory of some kind, it is not your province. Seeking justice is an entanglement that keeps you bound. Wars come from seeking justice, only what is justice is not agreed upon.

Is it fair that Florida is warm and Alaska is cold? What does fairness have to do with it?

There is little victory in berating every injustice. There is little victory in fighting and fighting. Fight once, fight twice, and then make a truce with life. Somehow in life it may behoove you to take what life hands you as your fair share, even if it can’t be, and go on from there. Life does not have to be fair. You cannot commandeer life. You are simply here to live your life, come what may.

Righting wrongs is attention on the past. If you put too much of your attention on how unfair the world is, where does that take you? If much of your attention and energy go into redressing wrongs, you are in the wrong arena. If redress of wrongs is the mainstay of your existence, you wrong yourself. You hold yourself back from moving forward.

What you see as tragedy is not fair. From your perception, death of the body is not fair. Fair or wrong or right are not the questions to ask.

Death happens right and left, yet not according to your perception of justice, and not according to your will. Just the same, yet you might as well make peace with death, and make peace with life. More than might as well. Must.

The question Why is often a detour. A better question is: “How do I move on from here?” The question Why takes you in circles. There is no end to it. There is more to life than pondering over it and trying to make your interpretation of what makes sense in what happens in life.

The answer to what happens in life is always, “Keep going. Keep going forward.” The question is not: “How did I deserve this?” Before you can move forward, you have to let go. Deserved or undeserved is not the question. It is not the question at all.

You cannot measure life. When life knocks you down, get up. Seek not justification, beloveds. Perhaps this is what forgiveness is. You do not keep the past to you. You do not hold it tight. You do not shake it. You do not lay too much importance to it, nor do you lie down and give up and say, “Uncle.” You get up and you keep going.

Your purpose is not to commiserate over the disparity of life. You don’t have to love every detail. You don’t have to understand it. You live it. Life is a great proposition posed to you. You are alive on Earth, and you live it, and you are far greater than what happens in life as seen from the outside.

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