Heavenletter #4429 Let the Good Times Begin, January 9, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
Let the good times begin! Why enjoin anything else? Make a decision that today will be a good time. You will make it so. You will make today refreshing. You will look for something wonderful to happen. You will make something wonderful happen by choosing this kind of day.

You have beautiful days. You have had days that seemed to just flow from the pen of God. You dance here, and you dance there, and loveliness reaches you. Look forward to more.

Look, believe that you deserve all the happiness that the shores of the world hold. There is nothing wrong with being happy. You are not obliged to be less than happy. There is not a price on your head. You are welcome here on Earth. You have come here for joy, to give and receive it. What are you waiting for?

What do you really need to be happy? Perhaps just a change of mind. Have you perhaps carried the heavy burden of not being happy, as if you had to carry it so life would be wary of you and not take you lightly? Beloveds, you, you are to take life lightly, and you will be happy. Life does not have to be wearisome in order to be worthwhile. Levity is good. Perhaps the long and the short of it is that you may have held the thought that life really is not to enjoy.

If your life has not been so much fun, give yourself a vacation from seriousness and have fun now. If you cannot have fun all day, have fun now in this moment. Have fun with your seriousness. Slap your seriousness around, and pinch the cheeks of happiness.

Come on, enjoy with Me today. This is My invitation to happiness. This is My plea for your happiness. I have long been awaiting your happiness. Put on your bangles and beat your drums. Today is the long-awaited day for the celebration of life to begin. Let Jericho blow his horn. Let the leaves in the trees be chimes. Let the wind blow a flute.

Everyone is here. The children are here. They will lead the way for you. They will show you how to enjoy today. They will take you by the hand and show you the diamond light that shines wherever you are. It shines in everyone. Look out through new eyes, and you will see, and you will know.

Rain glistens, and icicles glisten. Eyes glisten. Smiles glisten. Let your mood glisten. This is the holiday of holidays. It is called Life. Life does not require a separate day for holidays. Every day is a specious gift I have given you. I ask you to enjoy it, appreciate it, live in it, love in it, this day, this very holy day of Life.

And if this is a ten-hour work day, enjoy that too. Play is not always more fun than work. It is good to get your teeth into something and come shining through.

Where did this popular belief in discomfort come from? Let’s get the idea of discomfort out of here. Out! Out! Out!

Let Our lives be accompanied with piano music or an accordion or the tap of sticks on a dishpan. What does it matter? You are accompanying life. Life is your accompaniment. Enjoy life for all it is worth, and it is worth millions. It is worth you and your heart and soul. Just drop the idea of struggle and uphill and all that. Embrace the light and warmth of love. Right now, you hear?

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