Heavenletter #4432 Like Holding Hands, January 12, 2013
Gloria Wendroff, Godwriter™

God said:
Speak to Me with your eyes. Beautiful Beings, look up at where you think I am. Look up at where you think I’m not. Wherever you look, I AM. I am not hidden from you. Of course, I am not physically visible unless you come to see Me through the images of other human beings before you. In fact, all the physical others also happen to be you.

The physical is a mere drop in the bucket, and you do recognize more than the physical. I am Eternal as you are Eternal. Your body is not eternal. Your body is a trifle that fills in for a while, for an interlude in which you see That Which you already know intimately. You do know Me. You do know yourself only you think I am across from you.

A human body is a beautiful thing and, yet, it is a passing thing. The Reality of you is eternal. In that, Our Spirit is the same. If souls were eagles, then We are eagles. In any case, souls fly. There is nowhere that human souls cannot reach, even though there is no such thing as space to reach in. Nevertheless, if you wish to think of Me as a soul, Our souls do move. We are touched by each other. Our souls love, and love means Oneness. Not the illusion of Oneness. Oneness is true. Multiplicity is an illusion. The expression One God takes on a new meaning.

But what do We care about illusion? Why consider illusion a diversion when illusion is also loved? Let Us simply be aware of love, and We can be aware of illusion and love illusion too.

You are a comfort to Me. It comforts Me to think of you. Thinking of Me is a comfort to you when you are comforted by thinking of Me. I give you solace. And what is it that I give you solace about? Your acquaintance with Me reminds you that there is more to you than the human covering that encapsulates you. My presence within you and your awareness of Me remind you that you are far more than what the eye can see. This awareness reminds you of Our Solidarity. This is the very reminder that there exists a field beyond the physical where the living is easy. This is the real field of life. That which you see is a hasty sketch. That which you truly live in is not hastily drawn.

You can consider if you like that your life on Earth, in the guise of a human being, is like an escapade in a dream. The dream seems so real. It seems real, and yet it is a fraction of a dream when you are Allness Altogether.

In the dream of life that I speak of, you wake up slowly. It takes a while, yet, little by little, you wake up to the immutable evidence of life beyond the physical. There is a heart beyond the heart that knows Reality, and this heart lives Reality wholly.

You have a soul. Your soul is your true radar. Everything in human life simply signals the often overlooked Reality of your soul and its travels to Heaven where the soul truly abides.

You are a Heaven Being. However, the physical occupies your attention. It takes your attention off the essence of your soul. The life of your soul more than matters. The life of your soul is far more than matter. The life of your soul is your life. Your soul is the essence of you. I grasp the soul of you deep in My heart. We are inseparable. Our souls meet, and Our Oneness loves. This is the story of your life. Our souls hold hands, as it were, and We love to hold hands.

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