Heavenletter #4433 The Greatest Show on Earth, January 13, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
When you think about it, what could be more delicious than life itself, that which human life endows you with? When you think about it, you have a whole range of delights before you. We can begin with the yellow of the sun and the blue of the sky and the white of clouds sketched on the sky. We can begin with the warmth of the sun and such a thing as a breeze. We can begin with your eyes and your ears and all your senses, and what they bring you to experience. Just think of it! There is such a thing as taste and touch and the wonders they do perform. Just think of silence, and of noise, of leaves rustling, birds singing and lions roaring and the bark of a dog and the mew of a cat.

Think of babies. Baby anythings, from a warthog to a panda, the cutest things you have ever seen or heard. Here they are, new to Earth, and sure of themselves in the awareness that they have a place here. They are supposed to be here. Of course, they enjoy the world that enjoys them.

Glorious is a day on Earth and all that a day on Earth is filled with.

How full is a day on Earth.

There are trees and flowers and garden paths. There are fields and forests and oceans deep. There are so many wonders on Earth, how can anyone tire of life on Earth? What has happened that some of My children are jaded with life on Earth? It must be that their hearts stopped opening. Something happened or didn’t happen that inured them to their adventure on Earth.

No two days are the same. No two minutes are the same. No two people. No two paths. Earth is a diamond mine.

There are hands not yet held, kisses withheld, love to be discovered. There are hills yet unclimbed. There is a taste you have not yet had. There is a sight you haven’t seen. A cry you have not yet heard. There is a new perfume. And there is always without fail the dew of the dawn.

Tell Me, how can one get tired of this miraculous world I provided for you? Is there some kind of new entertainment you need? What is it that you need that you cannot find here on this Earth that I blessed and handed over to you?

If you cannot find something more to relish, then the alternative is for you to give something more. Forget about yourself for a while, and serve someone else. Show another a good time. Open someone else’s eyes, and yours will again begin to see the beauty in the world before you.

You will begin to notice sunrise and sunset. You will begin to seize the treasures before you. You will seize them in your heart as part of the Greatest Show on Earth, and you will point the way to others. Point the way to others’ happiness, and you are guaranteed to find generosity in your heart and toss it to the world as you would toss a kiss, a flower, or a thought. You follow happiness. You follow the flight of birds. You follow yourself to where you take yourself and the whole world with you.

Tired of life on Earth? Forget that. Instead, start to behold. Behold My love. Behold your own love. Behold the love on an Earth that means to fill you with joy unending. There is no end to joy on this Earth, and all the joy is yours for the taking. Take it. Further joy. Love the world, and make the world happy. The world does not owe you a living. The world spins in joy, and all the joy is here for you to engage in.

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