Heavenletter #4444 God’s Majesty, January 24, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
What if you would jump into My arms right now! My arms are open for you. I await you. I wait for you to come to Me so that you may know how enveloped in My love you are, for you are My love, and I have a lot of love to give, and a lot of love for you to accept on My behalf. I have love to give you, and more love to give you. Turn toward Me and take My love for you. It is yours to take. Take it now. My love is your due. It belongs to you.

My love can only belong to you. Surely, you don’t think My love is for others and somehow not for you? If My love is anyone’s, it is yours. There is no one who has more right to My love than you. The fact is that you cannot be absent from My love. You exist on Earth because of Our love. You would not be on Earth were it otherwise.

Great love brought you to the planet Earth. This is something that only Great Love can do. Not sacrifice, beloveds. Do not mix up sacrifice with love. Love is giving, not sacrifice. Love is — well, loving. There is no cost to loving, the loving I speak of. There is nothing to tally. There is only love to give, and what a pleasure it is to give love and more love. Love is not going out of style. Love is the whole shebang. This has always been so. You, beloveds, are the nature of love. Only, it would appear, that you don’t know what you have. You think you are something else. You are really something to imagine that you are outside of love or a stranger to it.

There is no misplacing love. Love cannot be lost. You cannot escape it. You would not even have bitterness unless you had love. Is not bitterness a kind of thwarted love? There would be no bitterness without love. A sour taste could not exist unless there was also sweet taste. You have tasted love, and you have given love, and love given and love received are the same love. There really are not two sides to love. Love is one motion seemingly in two parts, yet love is not like that. Love is One beautiful expression. Love is not really an exchange. What could love be exchanged for. There is nothing but love worth love. Love for all you are worth. Love is for now, not later. Love is immediate. Love is a necessity. Your life depends on it.

Everything depends on love. Everything depends on your spending love, even though it can’t be spent. It can’t be given away either. Love can only be, and love is, and you are love. You are My love, and you are an expression of My love. My love rushes to you, and it has ever been so. You are My love in motion. My love and your love are more than a notion. Love is all there is, and you have it.

You may see love as a risk. Let it be then. It is definitely risky not to love. It is unthinkable not to love. Love is your element. Turn your love on. Don’t wait for anything. Breathe love. Breathing contains inhale and exhale. There is not one without the other. There is nothing but love. Love is My Majesty, and love is Your Majesty as well. Love alone exists.

The whole Universe hangs together in love. Love unites. Nothing else does. There is nothing else but love that unites. In love We are One. And that’s it.

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