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How Do Our Sources Know What They Know? — Part 2/2
2013 JANUARY 3
Posted by Steve Beckow
Hatonn, Director of Interdimensional Communications

(Continued from Part 1)

Matthew Ward continues his review of the sources of his information. He’s just told us that the highest universal council is one of his sources.


“And so is our good friend Hatonn,” Matthew informs us. Hatonn is”an intergalactic fleet commander and director of communications between Earth and the rest of the universe.” (1)

Whereas Matthew exists in spirit, Hatonn exists in a physical body and therefore does not claim to be as advanced in understanding as Matthew.

“We are physical civilizations. We don’t have the capacity for that extent of unity and unconditional love. As part of our own evolutionary progress, we are in service to God by helping lower-density worlds evolve when they ask for assistance. Some among you don’t want anything changed, but Earth does — that’s why we have been helping you technologically and many of us are living on the planet to help in other ways.

“We’re spiritually and intellectually advanced too, so we know your thoughts, we know what you’re feeling and see what you’re doing. But unlike the souls at Matthew’s station, we do get anxious, angry, discouraged, impatient and frustrated by some of what’s going on. We have differing opinions and ideas just like you do, but we resolve the differences on the basis of what best serves all of us as a universal family.” (2)

Hatonn is more blunt than Matthew, as he’s acknowledged on a number of occasions. For instance, I asked Suzy on one occasion for Matthew’s appraisal of a couple who channeled an alleged intergalactic. Hatonn replied: “Suzy was about to reply with what Matthew told her a few years ago when someone was skeptical about information from [XXX] and I told her, let me handle this. I’m more forthright than either my gentler-speaking colleague Matthew or my dear little friend Suzy.” (3)

The Monitors in Nirvana

In addition to this group, Matthew also consults with “monitors” who keep within their view all that’s happening on Earth, as he explains here:

“We also are in contact with individuals in Nirvana who monitor activities on Earth and with civilizations that are so far evolved spiritually, intellectually and technologically that even at this station they seem magical.” (4)

This group kept him aware of how the cabal redirected Hurricane Katrina: “My information [on Hurricane Katrina] comes from monitors in Nirvana.” (5)

Matthew’s Group of Communicators

To the best of my knowledge, Matthew, like Silver Birch or Imperator, is part of a collective enterprise. I believe he channels information not only from the sources indicated above but also from a collaborative group of highly-developed souls on the spirit side of life. Hatonn explains:

“All souls at Matthew’s station are highly-spiritually evolved, and as their spokesperson, he relays their unified feelings about souls on Earth. They love all equally and send healing light to all. They are able to honor all people as parts of God and separate that from their ungodly thoughts and actions.” (6)

On one occasion, Matthew appeared to acknowledge this group of communicators: “Mother, thank you on behalf of the host of souls in whose company I am.” (7)

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