Message from the Magical Kingdom ~The Unicorns~ By Méline Lafont
DEC 31 2012

The most magical world of the Fairies and the Unicorns greets you all in their midst. We are the ones that are described in length to your beloved children at bedtime telling of a fairy tale world which you all dream of and yearn for to come into existence. Well now we have become your reality for we, the Unicorns, the Fairies, the Trolls and the Elves all belong to this magical dimension of 1 great Love and wondrous colours. We really do exist and we are presences emerged from the Light, just as all of you.

The recognition of our existence by your hearts has always been a difficult concept to comprehend since your hearts, due to the prolonged existence in this old 3rd Dimension, were not always willing to accept it openly. Your hearts have been shut down for a very long time for this reality and for this selflove; a reality to which our world and our existence belong. That’s why we only lived in the hearts and minds of your children, whose beloved hearts are always so loving, so pure and so receptive!

Now your hearts have opened themselves up to our reality and they have brought their purity and childlike ways back to life : that’s the reason why we, ever so gently, step forward in order to be accepted into your world and into your creations through your hearts, just as it was before. Once we all formed one big unified family where all hearts beated as one, where all minds flowed into one, where gratefulness and appreciation, magic and the most unimaginable colours and Love were ours, were yours and where unlimited abilities resulted in the creation of the most wondrous manifestations You have always known in the depth of your hearts that you have always been such great creators, and we are so thrilled to be able to approach you so that together we can again harmoniously evolve into perfection.

We, the Unicorns, are of a very refined energy and we carry the most sparkling hope in our hearts and that is what we come to bring you now in your hearts and in your creations. A hope that everything will turn out very well and that all is well; a hope that everything will lead again to the original Self and to enlightenment. All goes well with you and that’s why we again pop up in your consciousness as it is allowed now in your hearts and in your creations. We are an integral part of this and have always been present in the most subtle refinements on your world and in your hearts, but always in such a delicate way that acceptation of our energy was a fact.

We stand for perfection and independence, for purity and innocence and we take care of all your hearts in love and hope, surrounding you with our most precious refined energies of silver white light. We cherish the hope of reestablishing our connections in your hearts just like before; we so yearn to meet you once again and to embrace you with all our love. Hence we bring our energies of hope and of refinement again on your planet and in your hearts.Through our magical messages our consciousness will return and will tune in with yours, and together we go to the most magical place of your Ascension into your own splendor.

In stillness and ever so softly we now come forward in your consciousness and we welcome you all back in this wondrous world full of magic as this world can truly be seen as magnificently magical! We so love you all unconditionally! We are connected to many hearts from previous incarnations and from previous places of incarnations and we still carry these connections with us in our hearts of Being. Never has this connection with us been severed, it has only been veiled. This tiny sparkle of connectedness with us and with our world has kept on burning in the depths of thy hearts.

With pomp and splendor we now feel how your humanity is now readied for our world and for accepting us as well as you, as being splendor yourselves. You are so incredibly beautiful beings of Light and each of your colours flourishes all of you. Feel free to contemplate this most marvellous world and immerse yourself deeply in it, you will be blinded by this world for nothing is as wondrous and as marvellous as YOU.

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