SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian High Council: The Torch is Being Given to You
JAN 14
Posted by Wes Annac

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

(SanJAsKa speaks first.)

Deeper and more meaningful insights into the mysteries of Life and the human experience will continue to lead you all to personal and inner-held revelations about yourselves and the Lives of those around you. 2013 signals the beginning of the age of understanding and while 2012 laid the crucial foundation for the beginning of this New Age, your current year will be seen as the most productive and enjoyable one to date.

You have all been working your ways up and building upon the foundation of knowledge, understanding and Love you have begun to garner as you found your personal awakenings, and we ask you all to allow the vibrations permeating your perception to increase in the manner that the plan is calling for.

There are many of you who have expected bold or brazen, sudden ascension-related events to get your attention exponentially and let you see that matters on your world truly are unfolding, and we ask you to allow such things to come forth within yourselves without doubt or fear that they are somehow not real, for the energies delivering your ascension cannot act in too bold of ways in making themselves know to you if you are not properly attuned or could potentially fear witnessing something that is greatly outside of your paradigm and presently inconceivable to the majority of humanity.

We must be careful with the miracles given to any Earth soul as while you will attain anything you sew for yourselves to experience which includes the experience of miracles that would shatter your paradigm, many souls would be potentially too overwhelmed by the many amazing things we have for you to behold and this has in part to do with the collective energy as it stands at present.

You have heard before and know of the density of the collective energy as expressed on your world in this moment, and it has been expressed as well that a few influential aspects of the old energies are still being expressed and fed and that they will easily diminish as the vibrations continue to lighten, now and in the time ahead. This is one reason we ask you not to be in a state of potential fear or apprehension for your futures, for they are and have always been secured.

We say this in this manner because you have secured your futures for yourselves, dear souls and you have found the awakenings that are now beckoning you forth toward realms past your current conscious understanding and perspective.

You have wished to perceive of the higher realms in a greater depth and you are now able to, dear souls.