The Ascended Collective: We Foresee Humanity Delightfully Taking the Reins
JAN 22
Posted by Wes Annac

Note from Wes: I will not be posting on the Aquarius Paradigm today (the 22nd) but I give this message with Love, and I will be back posting tomorrow. To anybody who reposts this message — you do not have to include this note.

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

You will all be working to repair your world, and you dear Lightworkers who have already begun anchoring the vibrations of your fifth dimensional Earth unto the collective energies and frames of perception may find yourselves pioneering the beginning of the restoration of your world, as you will begin helping people find the impetus and motivation to begin the hardest of tasks that are set out for the collective of Earth to perform.

There is much learning that needs to take place and while you will be given assistance from your Galactic brethren, the bulk of the work is indeed yours to be done and we could not encourage more, your beginning of this work in any facet you find yourselves beginning it.

You can help motivate the Earth public in beginning to understand the need to end war, separation and hatred of any kind and you can all begin to bring forth the concepts that will drive your unfolding New Earth; eradicating lack on a mass scale being one of them. You all have the motivations from spirit that will lead you onward to benefitting the entirety of humanity with the enlightened perspectives you are finding, and we know that you all have much Love, knowledge and insight to share with a collective who have been caught up in their own ways and have not realized the massive effects their actions have garnered for dearest Gaia.

The majority of souls on your world do not understand that Gaia is a Living, conscious being and that the actions of Man on Her surface affect Her very strongly, and the pollution that has been manifested and fed on your Earth has stopped Gaia from expressing the true beauty and radiance of Her surface in the ways that She had originally done so. Gaia has always been a brimming example of our Creator’s wonderful and beautiful design, and She has always reflected the natural Light of the Creator which resides within us all.

Oh, how happy we are and will be to introduce you dear souls to the very concepts driving your ascension. For the most part, you are beginning to introduce these concepts yourselves but we will be with you to bask in the wonderful glow of your fifth dimensional New Earth, and you will enjoy our presence knowing you had achieved so much without the assistance you had originally anticipated.

There are already so many strong and lightened Earth conduits delivering truth and for the most part, you have brought these truths and concepts forth and not only expressed them, but radiated them all throughout the collective consciousness of your dear Earth who will steadily absorb and adjust to these new energies bringing forth your fifth dimensional experiences and perspective.

Your perspectives will continue to be morphed into infinite, evolving higher dimensional perspectives and the dogmas and belief systems many have employed until this point will be seen in the Light for what they truly are.

Any incompletion or dissatisfaction concerning one’s experience in any way will be brought to the surface and you will all work through and realize aspects of yourselves that you had perhaps not expected to come up, but that are coming up with the rest of your entourage of hidden-away memories that have been waiting for their chance to be worked-through and transmuted by none other than you.