Creating in Distorted Realms, the Beginning of your Experience and the Components of Source
-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Note: This message is quite long, and I debated breaking it up into two segments because of its length. You are advised to absorb it in as many reading sessions as you need, to properly integrate the information.

Humanity as a collective is and will be beginning to reflect the energetic strides being made at present. There is so much going on beyond the realms of your current perception and with each effort to attune to the realms beyond the perspective of the third dimension, we know you dear souls will feel at the very least, the beginning of all that is transpiring.

Truly, your cup now runneth over with miracles and higher dimensional interactions which you will begin to attract to yourselves as you look upon and perceive of such miracles. There is oh-so much you have the full ability to do and you will be doing much of this work in the time ahead, and for this current moment we ask you all to attune to the continually-pure energies being given to you, for you will find enormous benefits from doing so.

This has already been proven by much of the Lightworker collective who continue to experience the wondrous benefits that the alignment of December 21st had to offer you, and to help explain the process of increasingly purifying the energies Creating your reality we would like once again to recap how the higher dimensional Logos energy is sent to your reality, and the specific role we play in funneling-down and continually refining this energy.

The Source of all Creation; otherwise known as the Divine Mother/Father or all-encompassing Oneness energy, sends every last bit of energy out that Creates the realities of every dear soul existing on every octave and plane of consciousness. Every single distorted realm receives the reality-Creating energy of our Mother/Father Creator, and from the realms of Source these energies are funneled out to each Creator entity existing on increasingly-distorted octaves of reality.

As some of you dear souls know, any octave of reality “lower” than the reality our Mother/Father Creator currently exists within is considered distorted in the face of our Creator’s wonderful and blissful realms. Even the realms of the fifth dimension are considered distorted, as is every other realm existing “below” those of our Mother /Father Creator.

The Creator of this Universe receives the reality-Creating Logos energy from Source and from there, this energy is funneled to the Creators of even more distorted planes of reality. This process continues until the energies have reached every last realm of Source’s wonderful Creation and we say that indeed, we are all Creator entities and this is why we all receive this energy and use it to shape and form our conscious experiences.

Every last one of you are Creator entities; it is simply that you are attuned to the realms of the third and fourth dimension and as a result, are Creating upon such planes of reality until you discover the fluidity of the once-dense energies forming your third and fourth dimensional realities, and begin the onward journey of discovering our Mother/Father Creator in the One grand form they exist as.

Every last one of us will be discovering our Creator roles in a greater Light and many of us are already beginning to, and we [the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes] are Creator entities who are specifically stationed in pure realms that surpass the fifth dimension.

We are stationed within realms naturally purer than the fifth dimension and from these realms, we allow ourselves to be funneled-down to exist temporarily within the purest echelons of your fifth dimensional Earth, from wherein we send down the energies we are given from various Creator entities within your Sun.

Your Sun receives these energies from the Creator entity overseeing this Galaxy and yes, we understand that the repetitive talk of Creator entities and funneling down energy could become a bit complex or confusing for some dear souls. We hope to have been able to clear some of the confusion up by expressing that we are all Creator entities and that we are all simply stationed upon different planes of reality wherein we Create such realities and the lower realms “below” such realities.