Posted by Steve Beckow on January 27, 2013

We’re beginning to receive our initial invitations from the Company of Heaven to join in on the work that awaits us to build Nova Earth. Admittedly the treatment is not yet well-rounded. We have a mention here and a mention there. But enough has been said to start us reflecting on this new phase of our lightwork.
The Invitations Have Gone Out
SaLuSa said on Jan. 4, 2013, that “the next part of your Ascension is with Mother Earth, and with our help to create a new Earth that is befitting souls who are growing exponentially and becoming fully conscious Beings.” He predicted close cooperation once the galactics arrive.
“You will then be able to call yourselves ‘Galactic Beings’ and the doors will open to even greater opportunities than you have ever experienced. Your rate of progress is entirely up to you, and once you have made your decision you will have plenty of help from us.” (1)
In the past we’ve thought that we couldn’t create Nova Earth before the galactics contribute their vision and technology. But Matthew Ward says that their arrival has to await acceptance from the majority of people on the planet and that in fact we’ve already taken up the initiative.
“We know that some of you think that clearing away the debris left by darkness can come only after our universal family is on site. As much as they want to bring their technology and work alongside you, even the possibility of such assistance is not strongly registered in the collective consciousness.
“The positive aspect in this case is that souls on the planet are, and others very soon will be, taking the initiative to change what needs to be changed.” (2)

Sanat Kumara echoes Matthew, telling us that “you are already moving to the creation and the building of Nova Earth.”
“And that is where the peace, the joy, the abundance and the new beginnings are. And that is why I have begun this night by saying, ‘Welcome to the new beginnings.’ [The transition to Nova Earth] has already happened.” (3)
SaLuSa tells us that we should by now know something of what’s expected of us.
“By now all of you have some idea as to what your place is in the New Age, and what is expected of you. At the very least project your Love and Light at every opportunity and you will be doing as much as can be expected of anyone. You do not all have to be in a major role as you are part of the team, and believe us that every contribution counts as far as the outcome is concerned.” (4)
Last year we were concluding our work to emerge from under the thumb of the planet’s controllers and to publicize Ascension as widely as possible. But because the building of Nova Earth awaited passing through the 21/12/12 portal, some of the Company of Heaven are issuing us invitations newly to involve ourselves in the work.
For instance, Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon issued this invitation on An Hour with an Angel recently.

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