The Invitations to the Party Have Gone Out — Part 2/2
Posted by Steve Beckow on January 28, 2013

Removing the Barriers to the Equality of Women, Ending Violence
Matthew Ward reminds us that, if the world is to work for everyone, it must end the discrimination of women and it must lay down its arms.
“To your great accomplishments that we have heralded previously we add the global spotlight you are shining on the need to uplift the status of women and to end the proliferation of weapons. These heavily negative aspects of your society that long have been dominant in the collective consciousness now are in the forefront of the public eye.
“Generation after generation after generation tolerated unjust cultural laws and practices that demean women and accepted perpetual warring and violence as ‘that’s just life.’ Now the voice of your society worldwide is saying Stop!” (1)
He describes the contribution of sacrifice souls who agreed to step in harm’s way to awaken our consciences.
“Light beings throughout this universe honor the myriad souls who agreed to participate in the multitude of tragic situations that have stirred the peoples to take bold steps forward in those two areas and all others where change so sorely has been needed. The souls who accepted those exceedingly harsh missions did so with unconditional love and they leapt forward in soul growth.” (2)
These are concrete steps we can take and we can take them by expressing ourselves. That doesn’t require money.
Creating Community
Archangel Michael on An Hour with an Angel told us to begin the communication and cooperation that would build our new communities.
“Begin the communication. Expand the communication. Become involved in your community, whether it is in a community garden, in a community action group; whether it is bringing together singers who are interested — and we do not mean simply scientists — who are interested in the issue of free energy.
“There are many among you who are in very active collaboration with your star brothers and sisters. Why are you not coming together and sharing what you are learning? And I do not simply mean about the technology or the play, I mean about the vibration that is required for you to actually come and conjoin.” (3)
Through Ron Head he asks us to be ready to orient those newly awakening.

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