Archangel Michael on Chemtrails
Posted by Steve Beckow on February 8, 2013

A reader recently said she was concerned about the aluminum and other residual metals on Mt. Shasta. She had read about chemtrails being used to create weather, specifically storms. She wondered if they played a role in the ferocious storms that had hit the East Coast recently.
As it happened I had a personal reading with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon a day later, read her email to him and asked him to comment. Perhaps the comment may be of interest to others. He said:
“There is still some residual in the air that has resulted from the chemtrails. But, no, by and large the chemtrails have been completely obliterated and cleaned up, particularly by your star brothers and sisters. So that is like saying, there is still in the air and on your planet the presence of the virus that you knew of as the Black Plague. But that is not something that interferes with you on a daily basis and it is something that is being eliminated as you shift dimensions because that simply does not exist on the Fifth.”
I told him I was wrestling with whether the work of the galactics removes the aluminum, changes the structure of the aluminum, or leaves it there but it’s not harmful. And he responded:
“There have been both approaches during different times. Right now what is happening is that the structure of the aluminum is being changed into what you can think of as Silver Ray, which is the ray of transmutation. So it is actually very helpful to the Earth, and to the verdancy, to the growth of plants and to animals who eat the plants, and to people who eat the plants as well. That is what is happening. The structure is changed, transmuted into something completely different. And it is being left there because it has a purpose.” (1)
I said that people will want to know what Silver Ray is.
“Silver Ray is the ray of Archangel Uriel. It is the ray of inspiration. It is the ray that hovers between the Mother/Father and Earth. It is the ray very often conceived between the great central Sun and your planet. It is also the ray that hovers on the outskirts of the great central Sun. It is actually a very powerful ray. … It is an energy.”
Now of course there will be people who say that I’m not talking to Archangel Michael and that saying the residue of chemtrails has been transmuted into a ray is all malarkey. That’s fine. We each construe by our wits. I choose to listen to the one I conceive of as Archangel Michael and if another doesn’t that’s a matter of choice.
But let’s continue looking at what the galactics have said through other channeled messages on the subject of their activities around chemtrails over the years. There has been little discussion of chemtrails recently, just as there has been little discussion of HAARP, etc. That reflects the fact, I think, that these matters are now under control.

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