Dreamflight for 23/24th Feb by Adrial — Multidimensional Ocean

As Laura has already experienced last night, our main focus for the upcoming weekend will gravitate around your past romance life. This can be explained by the fact that many of you are in need of letting go and clearing in that area. Time for many of you to clear all negativity, doubts and fears in all past relationships. Even the short or seemingly insignificant relationships on the surface have had an impact on you. Usually the short relationships, heavily burdened with emotional residues are the ones leaving a deep mark on your being.

We sense it is time for many of you to let go of unresolved issues and allow clearing and healing to take place. For this reason, we will spend a great deal of time with those of you who wish to do so, examining past and failed relationships. You will probably not remember much of our discussion upon awakening, however, you may be left with an “after taste” of deeper understanding upon awakening.

The times directly following awakening, even if only a split second, are the important moments where you will be able to keep memories of the main outcome of the discussions we had. Do not ignore this moment of brief consciousness upon awakening, for it reflects much of the truth.

We wish you to have a wonderful dreamflight this weekend. Adrial

Channel: Laura Multidimensional Ocean

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