Fleeting Moments of Bliss a Sign of the Times
Posted by Steve Beckow on February 3, 2013

Hilarion made an interesting comment recently:
“You are in the process of reconnection with your God/Goddess aspects of the divine within you. As you do this deep work upon yourselves, there will be many moments of spontaneous feelings of joy that burst forth, seemingly out of nowhere. This is the process of recalibration and reconnection with the purity and innocence that is at the core of your true nature.
“Allow and enjoy these fleeting moments and store these feelings of Oneness and unity with all that exists in this World, so that you might utilize those moments and build upon those feelings, for it is these feelings which are creating the new paradigm of your new World.” (1)
Hilarion says these moments are part of “the process of recalibration and reconnection with the purity and innocence that is at the core of your true nature.”
We heard Jesus say earlier that “the predominant feeling tones in [the] center [of our being] are stillness, compassion and quiet joy. … As you release [the] energies [of fear and judgment] more and more, you become more quiet and open inside. You truly enter another world, another plane of consciousness.” (2)
To my way of seeing things, joy and bliss are the same divine element of our being.
But notice the conjunction of events indicated by these comments.
If I can rephrase them to make the point: stabilize our sense of being in the center and we reconnect with the divine aspects of our Self. This center is the core of our true nature. It is the seat of the soul. It is the exit point of the wheel of karma and the entrance to other, higher planes of consciousness. But Hilarion goes further and says that “it is these feelings which are creating the new paradigm of your new World.”
We knew this, did we not, that our taking up of the divine qualities such as bliss, unity, and quietude, openness, balance, and centeredness are what are themselves creating the new paradigm? But here is confirmation from our sources — in this case, Hilarion and Jesus.
Like so many of the masters, Hilarion tells us that what we’re going through at the moment is a two-step process of letting go of one thing and opening to another. He recommends that we keep a journal of what we learn as a means of helping us remember our greater selves.
“As you uncover more of what has been keeping you from moving forward with zest, with passion and vitality, be willing to allow the insights to flow through you as you recognize and observe the patterns that have kept you a prisoner in your own consciousness. Keep a journal and record these gems of inspiration and insight. They are keys to unlock the doors to your greater remembrance.
What Hilarion calls “patterns” that keep us from moving forward I’ve called vasanas, our reaction patterns born of earlier traumatic incidents. These are what bend the twig and incline the tree.
I’m willing to be that the blissful moments that so many of us are reporting at this time are an indicator of how we’re emerging from these patterns and “into the Light,” as so many sources call it.
We’re primarily involved in a process of letting go of the old and embracing the new, and

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