Marilyn Raffaele — The Arcturian Group
FEBRUARY 24, 2013

Greetings dear ones. We come again to encourage and advise you regarding the current state many of you find yourselves in. There are huge changes taking place within the physical, emotional, and mental bodies of every evolving individual. Old energy from eons of time that were and still are stored within cellular memory is releasing. This process uses a lot of energy, often leaving you feeling depleted and wondering if there is a physical problem. Honor this process–on the days you feel depleted, lay down and just rest if you can. Try to do less of the physical if you must be at your job. This depletion will pass and often varies from day to day.

This is also a time when many are feeling anxious, confused, and concerned regarding what their next step is to be. Do not try to figure this out. You have been trained to plan and use the mind for a solution to every situation. That is not the way it is to be in the future. You are learning to let go of the need to know everything and instead to listen, trusting your increasingly powerful intuition while not trying to figure everything out with the mind. Mind in its purest sense, is an avenue of awareness. If you have chosen ascension and are working to understand the deeper truths, then all is proceeding according to plan regardless of how it seems nothing is happening. You don’t need to know exactly what is coming for the world and for yourselves personally, for it is still unfolding. Your job is to allow that by staying centered in truth through meditation and practice while not getting energetically involved in the negative appearances around you. The world is shifting to a higher resonance and every bit of truth you know adds to it, helping to bring about the shift.

When you find you not longer enjoy certain foods in the amounts you used to, then just don’t eat them any longer–foods or amounts. If you discover that those entertainments you always enjoyed no longer resonate with you, then don’t keep trying to revive them–for in most cases, they are finished. Massive changes are taking place on all levels dear ones; friends, family, likes, and dislikes, concepts and beliefs are all finding a new place within your consciousness. The only error is in trying to hold on to what is finished. “Go with the flow” as it is said, honor your intuition, and do those things you are being guided to do in each moment even if it means laying down doing nothing.