Blossom Goodchild – Federation of LIght February 13, 2013

Good morning! I could do with some reassurance to be honest. Is it just me? I TRULY didn’t realise I had so little patience or tolerance. Nothing seems to be changing … it seems to be getting worse and it doesn’t feel good! What’s going on? Can you tell us in a little more detail than our last communication?

Warmest greetings to all. You are FEELING uncomfortable with your discomfort are you not? Yet it is to be recognised that although it may be seemingly that one is out of sorts … one is actually moving deeper into the correctness of who they TRULY are.

So … it doesn’t really FEEL like this is anger from old patterns that needs to come out … it FEELS different … would I say ‘fresh anger’? How stupid does that sound?

And yet we would say it is not anger at all.

Well my ranting and raving to an empty room or car certainly FEELS like anger … definitely lack of tolerance. It’s like I hardly recognise myself … or certainly not this part of me.

Let us unfold these twists and turns in a manner that is suited to your requirements. Firstly … that which you deem as anger is a dissipation of energies that conflict with the way you TRULY are. You would do well to understand that indeed a HUGE SHIFT took place within the self and the planet on the said date before your Yule Tide and although many tended to disagree … at that time … now perhaps one can FEEL and recognise that this was in fact so. Do you FEEL the same as you did before Blossom?

No … yet I can’t say I FEEL brighter necessarily.

Tell us how you do FEEL?

Odd! Distinctly odd! Neither one thing or t ‘other . Just ODD! Unsure of who I am NOW. I had grown to like the old me and not so sure that I like the new me.

You wanted to say ‘middle me’ did you not?

Yes. Even odder!

Yet this is exactly what you are experiencing … The middle man! You are in place between the old and the new. This is why so many of you are misplacing your energies and FEELING so out of alignment with the TRUTH of who you are.