Channeled Message — High Council of Orion — 8th Feb 2013
Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood


“Greetings, Dear Ones.

We are the High Council of Orion.

Today we are going to continue the discussion that we’ve started before about living from the Heart. Yet, we’re going to take a little different journey about the connection with the Heart. It’s easy in this time, after the transition on your world, to look around and see so much that feels the same and so much that needs to be changed. They’re many who are frustrated that the world, and their experience of it, isn’t significantly different than what it had been prior. So many hopes were up so high, with so many expectations of what it would be like on the other side that it is hard to discern the truth of what it would be. Yet, as you are experiencing, in many ways the world looks the same. The people are the same. Many of the problems that people are experiencing are the same.

Yet, we’re going to continue this journey with the Heart to allow you access to an ever-changing and ever-growing change in your experience of the Heart, which will manifest to a change in your experience of life so that the world around you, that has shifted and changed on the unseen level, will start manifesting its change in front of your eyes.

If you wish to see a New World, you want to be able to see it from a different animating point of view. Up until now the animating force between your view of the world, through your eyes, through your sensory experiences, through the information that you take in, has all been processed through the mind and the brain. Logic, data, evidence supports your experience of the world, and the media has reinforced your perception through its conscious choice in information that is presented to you.

That has been fine until now, but the animating force of your view on the world can now be done through the Heart instead of the mind. As you do, the decisions you make and the way the information gets filtered into your human experience will be different. As you filter this information differently, and it gets processed through your energetic field differently, your perception of the world around you has the opportunity to change. How is this done? In one sense, it’s a quite simple. Quite simply it means that each day before you greet the world, each evening before you retire into dream time, and as often as is possible during the day, allowing the energetics of your perception to be anchored in your heart. How is this done? By drawing your awareness to the space of your Heart, physical and energetic, and really asking yourself at that higher, silent level to see and perceive the world through the animating filter of your Heart.

So, let’s give an example. Perhaps you’re in a meeting at work and the meeting is going the way it normally does: perhaps a little boring, perhaps routine, perhaps exciting, or even perhaps combative. But it’s a meeting that you’ve sat in, one version or another, many times before. So it’s easy for the mind, with its history, to make decisions about the outcome. It’s easy for the mind to check out and move away. It’s easy for the mind, through history, to make judgments about people and what they’re saying. It’s easy to make judgments about how your time could be better spent than being in the meeting! So while one is feeling challenged on those levels, as the information is being animated through the filter of the brain, through the mind, dropping your energetics to the space of your Heart, breathing, feeling that energetic shift (which can come over time even if it’s not felt immediately) and asking to see and experience that meeting from the place of your Heart; from the energetics of your Soul-level experience. Then, just observe. Perhaps you hear information a little differently. Perhaps the meeting ends unexpectedly! Perhaps areas of contention go by quite differently because the people in the meeting, yourself included, choose to say things slightly differently. Perhaps you feel a level of compassion for people in the meeting who you might not have felt compassion for before. Perhaps the flow of information and energy just happens more easily, so that your self then everyone included could walk out feeling a little lighter, uplifted, more positive.

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Author: Holly Hawkins Marwood