Lady Portia: The meaning of difficulties in relationships
Méline Lafont 5 February 2013

My precious hearts, beloved and marvellous souls … We have arrived at a most blessed moment, a most enrichening time, wouldn’t you agree? Is it not tangible for your hearts, how big and full of compassion this has grown? How beautiful and heartwarming everything unfolds in your inner core is very palpable for everybody and also for all of us.

Despite this enrichment there still are some tears flowing, some hearts begging and some souls departing. Difficult times are still somewhat present to a certain degree in the hearts and in the world of humanity. This is not what you want and certainly not what you are manifesting and creating. And yet, up to a certain level there still remains a certain degree of poverty, of pain and of disturbances.

Allow me to inform you all how earnestly we are all working on that, precious hearts; how change is likely to occur in these conditions. Nothing is like it was just a month ago, everything changes in a way that is becoming tangible for all of you. You can feel it in the hearts, in your Being, but most of all in your course of action. Once your hearts achieve full enlightenment, a wave of Love will take over in such a manner that everything all of a sudden will feel very differently and your actions towards each other will change accordingly.

Many hearts have come to this conclusion and many of you have duly reached this phase. As your enrichment and your enlightenment continue, a lot gets clearer, much work will get done and much renewal unfolds. This implies a big metamorphosis, a beautiful thing to behold.

Some tinkering has still to occur to many forms, many ideas and many thoughts so to say and some issues request a focus on your inner being. Consider this opportunity as a blessing and take it as it presents itself to you, it will bring you insights and processings, giving you the chance to completely release it all.

Difficulties that arise in relationships with other beloved hearts are the talk of the town nowadays, so to speak. These difficulties are felt by many hearts, all too often accompanied by sorrow and disappointments. A feeling of powerlessness erupts and one is in the dark as to how to handle it. My precious hearts, step aside and view the whole situation from a different perspective fully aware that this is an opportunity or a clear message that change is on its way, putting you in the position to renew, to change or to leave it all behind.

Many hearts have come to the conclusion that specific relations, whether on a basis of friendship or of love, no longer function like they used to. Differing points of view, differing life styles, a different way of thinking and creating …. and in that way, 2 totally different worlds are built within 1 family, within 1 relationship and so on….. It all boils down to continue believing in yourself, to hold on and to keep on standing behind your creation and your heart feeling. Do not let anyone deter you from your chosen path ; you know what you need in this moment and that’s no business to anyone, nor is it even the business of us in the Higher World.

What is the best approach when faced with this kind of situation? How to deal with it the best possible way? Well, my precious hearts, it is difficult to give a clear cut answer to that question because there are so many variables and there cannot be 1 answer that covers it all. That’s the reason why I feel compelled to give you some kind of advice and to share with you that you are not alone in this situation and that it is common in these current times because the hearts manifest and create their own creations.

There are litterally many worlds being created within this new world of the Light because you all return to your true Self, and this can vary according to other people’s thoughts and creations. I am referring now to hearts who haven’t experienced their awakening yet, partners and friends, family members and acquaintances who have no clue of what they truly are, no insights for what reason they have incarnated nor do they know who we are. I want to elaborate on this kind of relationships, these are the ones which are the most difficult.

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