FEB 9 2013
Melchizedek ~A huge shift has occurred together with a cleansing in the hearts of all of you~ Channeled by Méline Lafont

Beloveds, how extraordinary this day has turned out to be. A huge shift has occurred together with a cleansing in the hearts of all of you. Allow those shifts/cleansings to take place, let them flow the way they are supposed to flow. All too often this process goes hand in hand with certain difficulties as it is human nature to hold onto everything you hold dear, everything that is familiar and that has brought you a certain grandeur. You carried this all with you during countless incarnations as well as in your current one.

It has become a habit, it has even become self-evident to consider everything you see outside of yourself as the truth. After thousands of years the cycle has now ended, the tide has turned and the light has increased. Now these ‘truths’ are over and done with; the time has come for other truths to come to light. The current times in which you find yourselves introduce those other truths, the present day is the one in which a light will be turned on to show you definitively that everything that once was considered obvious now turns out to be a big lie.

As Masters we take our responsibilities very seriously and our goal is to see you all, one by one, make your Ascension. With Ascension we mean the complete recovering of your True Self coupled with the full acceptance of who you are. Ascension has to do with recovering your true Self, your Light, your energetic imprint and your freedom in all of this for you are freedom. You are immortal and you are everything that the Light is.

There is a beginning, however there is no end; there is a knowing but there is no uncertainty; there is feeling but there is no deception. Today I want to elaborate on the topic of “deception”. Many times the term ‘deception’ has been used in relation to the dark forces. But, as a matter of fact, there never was such a thing as ‘deception’ : all in all, there is only 1 word that covers ‘deception’ and that is ‘illusion’. Do you see how ‘illusion’ has to do with ‘deception’ in this context? The actual illusion is thinking that deception exists at all.

Deception is a word formation, made through human thoughts and human projections. Deception is actually non existent as there is ‘free will’ and when a soul chooses to deliberately experience ‘deception’ than there is in fact no ‘deception’ but rather the version of ‘their’ truth. The focus can be on a ‘game’ which is played out with this intention and the ones who choose to have this experience, this creation, are the pawns as it were on this board game.

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