Montague’s Message for February 3rd, 2013

The sharing of information is an extremely important part of the awakening. It is essential to understand that it is time to be liberated from the stranglehold which the dark has on your planet. Every thought and action has energy, so ensure that you do not waste precious energy on the trivia that is used to keep your minds off your predicament at this time. They have used ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE against you. I have encouraged you to research ancient knowledge, for it is there that you will find all the answers you are seeking.

It was during ancient times that the Dark Ones took over your planet and humanity itself. Those same families, through the ages, intermarried to ensure their SECRETS were safe. You were coerced into serving them, supporting them in every way, while their plans for you were dark and sinister. I have faith in the ability of mankind to wake up and say, “We have suffered enough. We no longer support you. Return all that you have unlawfully taken from us.”

The takeover of your planet was an unlawful act for which you have suffered greatly. On the island of Ireland, the people suffered more than any other as a result of this takeover. The Dark Ones had to ensure that the Irish people would never find out who they are, for when they do finally realise their true history, the Dark Ones will be exposed. This is something they do not want the world to know.

Slowly but surely, the evidence is being exposed. People are waking up to reality, not the illusion. People are being made to suffer in every aspect of their lives. Disasters are being stepped up, to ensure that they live in fear and do not have the time to see clearly what is being done to them. You do not have time to waste. Be responsible and seek the truth. Face the facts and deal with them. There is no time to waste as your future is at stake and the future of your planet.

We in Spirit, guide you in the right direction. Never give up hope, as you can do it when you put your minds to it. You have the power to end the bloodshed and violence that is being carefully orchestrated by the Cabal.

LOVE . . . I cannot stipulate enough the importance of love, as with love, comes peace and harmony, and this is your goal. There is a great big universe out there, waiting to welcome you back into the fold. You are fighting for your very existence. You will surely agree that the 99% cannot fail? Make decisions only from the heart vibration: it will never mislead you. Logic, on the other hand, is what you were taught to use by those who control you. It is time to see it for what it is. You will soon wake up to your full potential and you will see yourselves as powerful spirits having an experience on Planet Earth.