Montague’s Message for February 10,2013

It is important that you trust your own judgment and do not not blindly accept all that your so-called leaders say. They all follow the same script, but use different words. There are plans afoot that would shock you to the core if you knew and understood them. The information on these sinister plans is out there, for all who are prepared to take the time to look it up.

These are the end times, so much is being done to hide this fact from you. Those in the Cabal are fighting a loosing battle but they are refusing to accept this fact. They will try to destroy as much as they can before they will accept defeat. The only person that you can truly trust is yourself. You owe it to yourself and those for whom you are responsible, to get it right.

Words fall easily from the lips of those who wish to destroy your world. They smile as they guide you on the road to destruction. Forget their words and observe carefully their actions. Only then will you see the real picture emerge. These people are specially trained to deceive you, and in the past they have been highly successful. But now, you are waking up to this, and you are not so easily taken in by them. These are the people who have systematically destroyed all that was pure and good in your world and they almost succeeded in destroying humanity.

If you could see the huge effort being made by those from other planets and the spirit side of life to ensure that humanity survives and reclaims the Earth. You know in your hearts that we will be successful. You know that each of you has to take responsibility, to come together to embrace the light. Be honest in all your dealings and hold your head up high in the sure knowledge that the Light will triumph. Never give in to the fear they are peddling to keep you in darkness and try to stop playing their games.

I know that it seems to many of you that the Cabal is in control and holds all the cards, but I can assure you that this is not so. You are the 99% and without your support they cannot function. You need to take this fact on board and live your lives accordingly. There can only be one winner in this game and that is the light. The Cabal has controlled your world and everyone in it for centuries. I always said that they would not give up easily because they have everything to loose. They have had it all their own way for so long and they are not good loosers.

You are beginning to understand the importance of love. This is your weapon, since they do not have the capacity to love, and so they cannot win. They use bombs and bullets, but they need you to fire them and to fight their wars. With love, all you need is a willing heart to open up to your fellow man. Remember the old slogan, Make Love not War. Think what a wonderful world it would be, if people everywhere made love not war. When you see through the eyes of love, everything falls into place and is as it should be. Please give this fact some serious consideration as your future depends on it.

The Cabal is causing so much stress by deliberately increasing the cost of living. They believe that the worry about the cost of living will take your minds off what they are doing and planning. They are making life so difficult, as they are encroaching on every aspect of it: food, air, water; you are under attack from all angles. As if that was not enough, they are secretly bringing in new laws that are barbaric. Sadly, there are foolish people who are only too ready to enforce these laws on their own kind. Do they not realise that, one day, these laws will be used against themselves? Who will be there to stand up for them when their time comes to be removed? Throughout your lives you have been encouraged to trust the wrong people and it is difficult for many of you to see the truth of the situation in which you now find yourselves.