FEB 19 2013
Saint Germain through Méline Lafont ~You are being led to a point where the return to your inner self is the only possible solution

Greetings my beloved brothers, be welcome. As you can see, a great transposition of the Light is now in the process of manifesting itself. It brings everything to light what has to be lighted up, what has to be touched and coped with. Everything that requires change implies some kind of adjustment for your physical vessels. At this present moment in time there is a great possibility and a window of opportunity has opened that will lead you to your own truth, to your own Being and to your own potential.

Gradually it will become more and more obvious just how far those potentials reach and how much the Love you feel for one another has grown. More than ever before there is an interconnection and a cooperation and your hearts merge with each other. A great revolt is on the verge of breaking out in some countries and continents through natural phenomena or through human impacts. The obsolete and negative patterns are powerless; they are no longer fed by countless souls on Earth. They loose their credibility and are justly viewed as an illusion.

These are the times for which you all incarnated and it is the most enriching time ever! Why? Well, my dearest friends, has there ever been such a strain on the old structures as there is nowadays? No, not ever.There is no other explanation for this phenomenon than you, yourselves. All of you have brought this thus far now and you have succeeded that everything, really everything, will reverse once and for all and turn until the most desirable and enlightened position has duly been reached.

Mother Earth courageously and powerfully takes care of Her part and each of you jumps in with your own projects, your goals and your missions. Your hearts, your intentions and your own Ascension NOW give rise to all of this. The incoming energies together with our assistance in enlightening all of you, only empower what you are achieving originally. There is no single soul on Earth who does not participate on this project : the dark as well as the Light have their intent and goal. This will become clear for all of you in a future NOW moment.

An intense shift is now occurring at this moment on and around the Earth. She has been brought out of Her comfortable axis so as to enable the renewals. There’s no reason to panic whatsoever, I think it has become quite obvious for all of you now that nothing disastrous can or may happen. The collective hearts and the collective consciousness of all humanity have reached such a high level that disasters can no longer occur and this is thanks to all of you : to the Lightworkers, to our incarnations and to aspects thereof, to the galactic incarnations and to countless others who are incarnated now to perform their part of assistance.

Massive events will come to pass one after the other leading up to even greater global awakenings. There can only be one, fully guaranteed endresult to which I pledge myself and that is : enlightenment, ascension and freedom. Many projects are now crammed as it were to get your attention, and a lot of them are already in active mode.

Be fully aware, my beloved friends, that everything and I really do mean everything comes out of your hearts and your creations and nothing can deprive you of your power of creation and of Love. You are Love so how could you be deprived of that what you are. It is just that this has been hidden for a very long time but not anymore! Now that you are aware of where you are, you have come together and joined hands to change the timeline of reality, to bring the past to the NOW moment and to appreciate each other’s openness and Love and to do something with that.

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