SanJAsKa: You are Right to Refer to the Present as a New Paradigm in Progress
FEB 8 Posted by Wes Annac

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

The lower energies are dissolving away from your increasingly-higher dimensional bodies and spirits at this time, and we of our Pleiadian collective wish to extend our most heartfelt thanks and appreciation for all that you have done in the name of assisting the Earth with Her ascension.

Each one of you are a part of a collective who, below the surface, realizes the need to begin changing the way you have been treating yourselves and your planet but at the surface, the pervading density and the extremes of darkness seem too much for the inner-realms of humanity to break through and garner the resulting understanding in the people who would be shocked by what you have all known deep within all along.

We are here before you all to offer our Love and assistance, and we will be assisting you when our presence can be openly accepted on your world, with rebuilding the condition Gaia has been in. This has, of course, been expressed and will continue to be, because the work we are performing for you all extends much farther than much of your world realizes, understands or accepts.

The fear that has been spread about us in your recent society is breeding a subconscious and unrealized fear of us within the minds and hearts of the majority of your Earth collective, and because of this we are unable to detail much of what we are doing for your planet; because the very active role we are playing in the ascension of your Earth is so strong that the majority of your world would not wish to believe it is so.

Many would wish to believe that we are fooling humanity or that our motives are anything other than what they are, and those fears and apprehensions could be turned up to extremes if all on your world knew of the active role we are playing in helping lift humanity up out of the darkness.

For example; while the art of many of your ancient civilizations suggests the plentiful contacts we have made with various civilizations on your world, many souls at present would not wish to believe that we have contacted you as many times as we have and would point to the seeming non-contact from us in your current day as proof that we have never contacted you or that we are not around your planet in the mass numbers we now are.

Each facet of the Galactic Federation is looking upon your world and while there are many moment-by-moment responsibilities and duties for us each to fulfill, the ascension of the Earth has long been our top priority because as you have heard, Earth’s ascension is to kick start and aide exponentially in the ascension of so many other planets and realms.

What you are doing on this Earth is incredibly heroic, for you are not just uplifting a collective who has subconsciously wished for an upliftment for so very long; you are also uplifting various planets and even Galaxies whose ascensions are not riding on the that of the Earth, but will again, be aided enormously by it.

We ask you dearest souls to treat yourselves lightly if you feel that all you are working for is for naught or if you feel as if the Light Forces assisting in your ascension are not with you in the manner that we now are. We will begin showing ourselves to many of you who have committed yourselves to us and have placed your faith in our existence, as we are finding an increased ease in doing so as your cabals are truly on their last legs.

This truth has been spoken to as well and as the cabals find their influence diminished more and more as do the energies and entities that have driven them, the Light energies increasingly see the chance and easy ability to move in and begin shaping the perception of your world in ways that allow for an uninhibited and free experience of Light.