The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes: Lightening Perspectives, the Presence of Logos Energy and the Waning Influence of Darkness
FEB 4 Posted by Wes Annac -Channeled through Wes Annac-

Humanity will find the refined perspectives that are being garnered as the energies of 2013 continue to test you all. You will soon be in awe of the wonderful energies that have been waiting to be accessed and felt, and we know that you can feel the imminence of the descent of the higher realms unto you dear souls as you attract them to yourselves increasingly.

Our perspective has long been an energetic one and based on where the energies are leading humanity at present, it seems that the lightening vibrations are making their way to you all and beginning to be accepted by much more of your Earth public than you would perhaps expect.

Even those whose perspectives have been weighed down with density and negativity are beginning to see the possibility and need for a positive change to manifest on your world and we as well as a plethora of others will continue to proclaim that humanity coming tougher is the biggest and most important item on the agenda.

It is very important for the purposeful separation to come to an end as you all realize how hollow it is and has always been. Humanity has fallen down into the lower, separation-based energies but you truly have the opportunity now to remove yourselves from the influence of these energies and help the collective vibrations find the Light in much easier ways.

The Light energies have indeed had a difficult time in reaching your world and expressing themselves in the collective consciousness, and it has been discussed before that the collective energies previously made little way for the Light to come forth and for your world to benefit from such a coming-forth. Your roles as Lightworkers and Light bearers continues to be stated, because you are in any given moment, working with energy that is helping your collective find the lightening vibrations you are now meant to find.

While your resolve is and will continue to be tested, you will see that the layers of yourselves you have now transmuted would serve to hold you back if their expressions were still latched onto by you. You are finding that the navigation toward the Light energies can indeed be difficult, but the very Light you’re trying to reach is already settled within you and will illuminate everything that is not matched with it in purity.

In essence, dear souls; the Light energies are bringing the higher realms forth in you as you continue to look for them.

To those who are searching intensely for a validation; for an assurance; for something to show you that the Light energies are truly descending upon your planet and that you are truly beginning to feel them; we say that these energies have always been with you and you have always been able to feel them — it is simply that you have been taught you couldn’t.

How have your Lives been up to this point, if viewed from a perspective of knowing that you constantly possess the Light energies? Do you find that some of your negative experiences could have been transmuted and the difficulty you experienced around them could not have affected you in the ways it once did?