Heavenletter #4461 Oneness Is Not Loneliness , February 10, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
Loneliness is from the past. You were in a big city and thought you were on a deserted island. All sense of desolation is an idea. You adopted the idea of loneliness, and you have supported it ever since. You have held loneliness on your lap for too long. You have squeezed loneliness tight. Loneliness has been like a steam kettle on the stove when you forget to turn the gas off. You have kept loneliness lit long and often. Loneliness is something you snatched onto. You caught it.

The idea of loneliness is something like a virus that you carry in your bloodstream. Any time you get run down, the loneliness virus starts up. It can be a thought, a word, a look, any kind of slight, and the loneliness virus has you in its grip.

Your destiny is not loneliness. Oneness is not lonely. Oneness is not only-ness. It is fullness. A full heart doesn’t hang on to loneliness. Put loneliness behind you. Put it out like a cigarette butt. Look loneliness straight in the eye, stop it, and tell it to be gone.

We could say that you feel lonely when you swallow your heart, when you put it aside, when you isolate it. You may isolate your heart because you feel it needs to be protected from any roughness, and so you isolate your heart. Loneliness is a decision you make. It is a winter coat you buy and then complain about it as if it had been thrust on you.

Of course, you well know that you can be in a crowded room, at a gala event, at a masquerade ball and feel alone. Loneliness is not a question of where you happen to be located. You can be alone by the sea and feel the thralldom of good company. Let your thoughts be good company. Warm your heart by the fire of love. Let your mind and heart have the pleasure of good company. Invite welcome guests to your heart. Always am I in your heart. Never do I forget you or your heart. Consider Me the Companion of your heart. Your heart and I go hand in hand. Let your heart go walking with Me.

I will show you the sights. I will point out the beauty of life and the beauty of your life. I will give you a royal tour. I will take you to green pastures. I will take you to a still sea. I will take you everywhere. I will whisper love to you. Your eyes will light up and your back straighten. What great posture your will have. How your step will quicken.

There is no need for you to be stricken with loneliness.

When you feel that virus coming on, hold someone else’s hand. My hand stays in yours no matter what. What have you got to lose but loneliness? Shake it off, beloveds. Shake it off. Start today where you want to be.

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