Heavenletter #4460 In the Oasis of God’s Heart, February 9, 2013
Gloria Wendroff

God said:
Yes, you have come to the conclusion as to what ails everyone. You have come to the realization of the one issue in life next to which all else pales. There is one subject in life, and there is one issue. The subject is love, and your issue is love. There is no issue except the issue of love. You don’t quite believe in love. You see it as a sometime thing. You don’t quite believe in My love. You don’t quite trust in love. You do not trust in what you do not perceive. You look around, and you may not see love. You see its absence. You don’t see what you don’t see.

Does love have an opposite? You see many flavors opposite to love. Beloveds, there is no opposite to love because love is all, and love is One. You are Love, and I am Love.

So what can the matter be, I ask you.

As a human being, you have a familiarity with the seeming absence of love. You take attendance of love as a schoolteacher would. Is love here today? Am I loved? Does the world love me? Does God love me really? And you despair at being all this love I say you are. You sure don’t see it often enough or see enough of it when you do see some. You are better at not seeing.

You may feel that you have to be happy in order to love. Do you feel that? If only you were happy, you would love everyone and everything. But, until you are happy, you don’t know how you can love freely. You see your love tied to what’s coming in to you right this minute. You want to be lavished with love, then you can be happy. You have seen love as a poor bet. You have put the cart before the horse. Love first, and happiness wins.

It is how you see yourself that is the crux. As it is, My dear One, you can hardly love yourself let alone your reflection in others.

Raise yourself from the ashes, and you will love and, as surely as the sun follows the day, you will have happiness and you will sow love.

Let Me ask you this in another way. Why not love, and why not be happy? Where is it that you cannot be happy? You may give lip service to the idea that happiness comes from within you, yet you are still waiting for it to come from outside. You are waiting for intercession. Intercede for yourself. Know My Presence within you. You are not the least of all. You are not the least of anything.

Do you still think you created yourself not knowing what you were doing? Do you think you threw lumps of clay against a wall, and, however it landed, it was you? Have you forgotten about soul, that you are a soul, and you are God-made? Let’s put a stamp on you. Made by God. Made by God’s hand. Human being made by God. Made in Heaven. From Heaven to Earth. Earth-bound but not bounded to Earth. Not bounded at all. You are God-bound. There is nowhere you are going but to Me Whom you have never left despite your song and dance.

Your crucial difficulty is your sense of abandonment from Me. You are not certain I am around. Your cry is: “O God, where are You?” Your cry is: “O God, why have You forsaken me?”

I have not abandoned you, nor did Christ cry out those words. How could he who knew Me as his own Heart? I am that which he knew most of all. Ludicrous it would have been for him to ask such a question when I am all he knew. I was embedded in him. He and I were One Indivisible, and so We are today. And so are We, you and I. Hear what I say. You abide in the oasis of My Heart.

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